Known Catalog Issues
September 18, 2019

In order to provide our Faculty and students with an up-to-date progressive library collections discovery interface, the UCR Library made a major transition to a new catalog interface last year.

While this new interface provides us with a robust system, including opportunities for innovative features in the future, there are a couple of known issues which the company supplying the interface is currently working on rectifying. One such issue affects your ability to view our full electronic journal and book holdings easily when you perform a search.

When the library owns both an electronic copy of a journal through its UC-wide subscription and a local print copy of an item, the system is not overlaying correctly and results in the appearance that we either do not have the electronic item or the electronic version appears far down in the list.

This does NOT affect journals which we have purchased locally.

Temporary solutions

First try clicking on the “available online” option from the facet menu on the left hand side; this will sometimes ensure the electronic journal is at the forefront, other times it remains further down the results list.

If you are looking for a specific e-journal, try our A-Z journals list at

If you are still unable to access the items you are looking for, please contact Carla Arbagey, Collection Strategist for Arts & Humanities and E-resources lead.

Ex Libris, the company, providing our catalog interface, has stated that this issue will be fixed in November 2019.