Borrow a laptop from the Laptops Anytime kiosks at the UCR Library
August 27, 2021

With the library’s reopening for fall quarter, computer lending through the Laptops Anytime kiosks will also resume.

Campus IT will be returning currently checked out laptops to the library kiosks by Wednesday, Sept. 15.

A few notes to remember when borrowing from the Laptops Anytime kiosks:

  • Windows laptops can be returned to any kiosk in the library or the HUB.
  • Chromebooks can be returned to kiosks in either Rivera or Orbach Library, but not to the kiosks in the HUB.
  • MacBooks must be returned to the same kiosk they were checked out from. MacBooks are not interchangeable between the kiosks.

We are excited to share that ITS will be adding at least one additional Laptops Anytime kiosk each to Rivera Library and Orbach Library.

Students can also borrow a computer from the Laptops Anytime kiosks located in the HUB.