KUDOS recipients - summer 2019: Lori Alaniz, David Rios, Nicole Valencia and Margarita Yonezawa
August 23, 2019

At all-staff meetings held in summer quarter 2019, Library Human Resources acknowledged four UCR Library employees for their outstanding contributions.

These team members became the sixth round of employees to be recognized through the KUDOS program.

Under the KUDOS program, non-probationary staff and academic employees at the UCR Library can be nominated by a peer for actions or contributions related to the UCR Library's mission that have a significant, positive impact on colleagues, library users, or others.

Nominations were submitted anonymously by library non-probationary staff and academic employees, and then were reviewed by members of Library Cabinet to determine which staff members would receive the KUDOS awards.

The summer quarter 2019 recipients received the following comments on their nomination forms. Please join us in celebrating these library employees’ contributions!

Lori Alaniz

She always is very helpful and cheerful working the circulation desk.  Lori always puts forth her very best to make sure that the students, staff and faculty are helped with positivity.

David Rios

David is the Swiss army knife of librarians – whether we ask him for help with teaching a class, participating in outreach, or answering a reference question, he is always up for lending a hand. Even if something is brand-new to him, we can count on David to give it a try. One of David’s most commendable qualities is his positive attitude toward trying new things and exploring new opportunities. We appreciate David as a colleague, a professional, and a researcher!

Nicole Valencia

During the recent Annual Equipment Request (AER) and acquisition cycle, Nicole provided outstanding service in the timely processing of hundreds of information technology items. The process is frequently challenging, particularly when vendors change product lines and pricing. Using her expertise and attention-to-detail, Nicole addressed these challenges, enabling the acquisition effort to be successful. Nicole has a positive and noticeable affect on library staff, students, and faculty. Kudos to Nicole!

Margarita Yonezawa

She works hard with multiple departments to move the library forward; either with new equipment or upgrades to the spaces in the library. She is very nice, and courteous to staff, students, and faculty. Margarita helps the library and colleagues with anything they might need extra help with, and isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty.