New Maximum for All Reserve and Recall Fines
December 9, 2019

Beginning in January 2020, the library will adopt a new maximum cumulative fine for all reserve and recall fines.

Previously, the maximum for cumulative fines was $100, whereafter a hold was placed on your library account that blocked all borrowing privileges, including Interlibrary Loan and Course Reserves.

In 2020, the new maximum will be $20, after which all borrowing privileges will be suspended until your account is paid in full.

The library has opted to reduce the maximum fine from $100 to $20 so that it’s easier for patrons to clear their accounts and reinstate borrowing privileges quickly by keeping the balance lower.

If you currently have accrued cumulative fines from $20 to $99 on your account, library staff will contact you to guide you through this new billing process, so that you can clear your account before January 6, 2020 and prevent your privileges from being blocked.

Additionally, accounts with any fines that remain unpaid 30 days after the assessment date will have borrowing privileges suspended until the fines are paid in full.

To avoid loss of service, please pay your fines promptly. Check your account online to see if you have a balance due. You can pay fees online or appeal your bill, if you believe you received a fine in error. Please refer to our Fines & Fees policy.

If you have any questions, please contact Services may be blocked while awaiting a reply. Staff will respond within 24 hours. (During holidays and closed days response time will be 1-3 days.)