New wepa public printing system coming this fall quarter
August 3, 2018

A new campus-wide pilot cloud printing system will launch by fall quarter, installing two new wēpa printers each at Rivera Library and Orbach Library.

UC Riverside's Information Technology Solutions (ITS) department will oversee this project. For the time being, the current Quota and Pharos/Xerox printing services will remain in service at all three library locations.

Wēpa was developed specifically for higher education to bring students, faculty and researchers a cloud printing solution that fits easily into their daily lives and technology habits.

Using the new wēpa system, you will have six different ways to upload your documents:

  1. Traditional: One-time download to your computer:
    • Open the document on your computer.
    • Choose “File>Print” and select a wēpa printer.
  2. Email: 
    • Attach your documents to an email using the email address tied to your wēpa account.
    • Send the email to
  3. Web: 
  4. Mobile: Apple® App or Android® App
    • Download the “wēpa Print” app from the Apple® App Store or Google Play®.
    • Open the document on your device and send it to the wēpa cloud.
  5. USB:
    • Insert your USB drive at any print station.
    • Select your documents and preferred options.
  6. Cloud:
    • Tap the Cloud Storage button on the print station screen.
    • Select your preferred cloud storage provider and enter your credentials.

There are 4 ways to access your files to be printed:

  1. Swipe your campus card or enter your username and password to log in.
  2. Enter wēpa code.
  3. Insert a USB drive.
  4. Access cloud storage.

For faster login with your R'Card:
Tag any card with a magnetic stripe to your wēpa account. Log in and select the “tag card” icon at the wēpa print station to tag your card.

Then, select specific files or choose “Select All” to print all files. You can pay for prints using your campus card, credit/debit card, wēpa print card, or wēpa account.

With the new wēpa system, students will have a fun user experience that allows them to print anywhere via six different methods. A smarter, better way to print, wēpa will be quick, easy, and accessible anywhere on campus.

If the pilot program is successful, ITS plans to replace all Pharos/Xerox printers at the Music Library, Rivera Library and Orbach Library with new wēpa print stations.