Headshot of Carrie Cruce
July 28, 2022

Please welcome Carrie Cruce to the UCR Library.

Carrie joined the UCR Library as a Teaching Librarian on July 5. As our Teaching Librarian, Carrie supports student success, especially in early experiences.

Carrie has a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan with a focus in Art History and two master's degrees from the University of Texas at Austin — one in Art History and the other an MSIS. Before coming to UCR, Carrie served as the Division Director of Learning Resources at Temple College in Texas where she managed the information literacy/library instruction program. 

Carrie is looking forward to being an integral part of the UCR Library team and collaborating with colleagues and faculty. She’s excited to have the opportunity to use her professional experience to guide students in building the information literacy skills they need to be successful in their research at UCR, their future careers, and beyond.