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June 4, 2018

Special Collections & University Archives staff are constantly working to process recently acquired collections and make those materials ready for use by students, faculty, and researchers.

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Newly Processed Collections - Summer 2018

Brinkmann family collection of Mexican postcards, 1905-1920 (MS 416)

1.08 linear ft. (1 box)

The collection consists of approximately 125 photographic postcards, mostly from Mexico, sent to various members of the Brinkmann family from 1905-1920. The postcards depict landscapes, buildings and people from multiple parts of the country, most notably Veracruz, Yucatán and the State of Mexico.


Book and Writing Artifacts collection, circa 20th century (MS 417)

7.71 linear ft. (9 boxes)

The collection, created primarily as a teaching collection, consists of materials meant to illustrate the history and techniques of various writing and print systems across the globe, including reproductions, souvenirs and original specimens of printing and writing tools and instruments, as well as various formats of book and manuscript binding. Materials in the collection were collected by Special Collections staff to aid with instruction on the history of the book and various writing and print technologies.


Collection of Antonio Vanegas Arroyo chapbooks, 1880-1925 (MS 235)

0.84 linear ft. (2 boxes)

The collection is composed of chapbooks printed by the famous Mexican publisher and printer Antonio Vanegas Arroyo from 1880-1925. Chapbooks in the collection document elements of popular culture in Mexico around the turn of the century and consist of booklets on a variety of subjects, including literature, poems, folk songs, plays, religious tracts and healthcare advice.


Collection of Antonio Vanegas Arroyo broadsides, circa 1882-1931 (MS 035)

1.83 linear ft. (2 boxes)
This collection contains broadsides created by Antonio Vanegas Arroyo's publishing firm in Mexico. The broadsides, printed in Spanish, contain political news about important figures of late 19th and early 20th centuries such as Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. The broadsides critique figures of Mexico and daily news in the form of songs and articles, and would have been distributed throughout Mexico City, where Antonio Arroyo was from.


Harriet E. Huntington papers, circa 1938-1968 (MS 221)

5.8 linear ft. (13 boxes)

The collection consists of photographs, negatives and drafts related to the works of children's book author Harriet E. Huntington. Huntington used her own photography in many of her books, which focused on a variety of topics including music, plants, flowers, fruits, insects, trees, reptiles, invertebrates and the Yosemite Valley.


Ralph C. Michelsen papers, circa 1951-1982 (MS 173)

3.34 linear ft. (8 boxes)

This collection contains notes, photographs, articles, manuscripts, maps, published papers, clippings, correspondence, sound recordings, and other material from cultural anthropologist Ralph C. Michelsen. Materials in the collection mostly pertain to Michelsen's anthropological research on numerous indigenous tribes in North and Central America, including the PaiPai and Kiliwa of Baja California, various Luiseño groups in southern California, the Mohave and Cocopah, the Seri of Mexico and other groups in Mexico and Guatemala, including Cora and Maya.


Riverside, California photograph collection, circa 1834-1977 (MS 204)

3.34 linear ft. (8 boxes)
This collection contains photographs, slides, and glass plate negatives depicting the landscapes, people and culture of Riverside, California from the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries. Images in the collection include notable local buildings and businesses, Riverside families and residents, and local natural and agricultural sites.


Vicki Hearne papers, circa 1973-1988 (MS 219)

1.83 linear ft. (2 boxes)

This collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and press clippings pertaining to Vicki Hearne, an American author, philosopher and scholar of literary criticism and linguistics. Hearne was known for her published poetry with a focus on animals and their cognitive abilities.


Walter Crenshaw papers, 1942-1944 (MS 418)

0.21 linear ft. (1 box)
The collection consists of medals and other records from Walter Crenshaw, who served as the administrative assistant to the provost marshal at the Tuskegee Army Air Field during the Second World War. Items in the collection include Crenshaw's pay and physical fitness records, a Tuskegee Army Airfield yearbook, a Thanksgiving menu and three medals Crenshaw received related to his service.