UC Library Search replaces the local UCR Library catalog and Melvyl
July 27, 2021

After four years of staff collaboration between all ten UC campuses, we are thrilled to announce that UC Library Search is now live!

Today’s launch is just the beginning; UC Library Search will continue to evolve, refine, and improve its user experience (UX) and function over time.

UC Library Search has replaced the local UCR Library catalog and Melvyl. Patrons can now use this robust and cohesive discovery tool to find resources at UC Riverside and from all other UC campus libraries, plus collections from beyond the UC system. As University of California President Drake wrote, UC Library Search will also seamlessly connect users with digitally available journals, books, and library databases.

Patrons can more easily borrow materials from other UC campuses, and UC Library Search allows them to choose the nearest UC campus from which to pick up and return circulated materials.

In addition to greater ease in finding and borrowing materials for patrons, UC Library Search will help library staff to improve our customer service. Analytics about the diversity and use patterns of the UC Libraries’ resources will facilitate future collection strategy decisions that are data-informed, inclusive, and patron-centered.

What has not changed

Library accounts: Your existing library account has automatically become active in UC Library Search.

Changes to note

To request items not available at the UCR Library, first sign in to UC Library Search with your NetID and password through UCR’s Central Authentication System (CAS), then find the item you want. From the item listing, click on “Request through Interlibrary Loan” in the “Get It” section. (This replaces the “Request” button from in Melvyl and the “InterLibrary Request” feature from the old UCR Library catalog.)

Once signed into UC Library Search, you no longer have to type in your library card number. Additionally, you will be able to choose any UC campus library as your preferred pickup and return location for resource sharing material.

Digitization requests

If the UCR Library holds a local copy of an article or book chapter that you want digitized, request by clicking on “Article/Chapter Scan.” If UCR does not own a copy, then select the “Request through Interlibrary Loan” option to request a digital copy reproduction from another institution.

has replaced

To request articles found in a library database, you will use the new Get it at UC” button, which will appear in place of UC-eLinks. When you click on the “Get it at UC” button, you will find the full text of the article (log in through VPN if not on campus). You can also make an interlibrary loan request using the “Request Through Interlibrary Loan” link.

Check out this resource developed to support UC Library Search.

More information about UC Library Search, including previous announcements, can be found here.

We have tried our best to anticipate all possible issues with UC Library Search. However, if you encounter anything that has slipped our notice, please let us know through this form.

If you have additional questions, visit the UC Library Search FAQ or contact Tiffany Moxham, Associate University Librarian for Content and Discovery.