Materials Science

Located in: Orbach Science Library

Researchers in both UCR's College of Natural and Agricultural Science (CNAS) and Bournes College of Engineering (BCOE) are investigating and discovering new materials, new uses for materials, better materials for critical applications, and new and more efficient ways to make materials.

UCR Library collects information supporting these researching, with emphasis on the subfields of nanoscale materials, biomaterials,  bio-inspired materials and materials which can be used in the conversion and storage of energy.

Major resources in this area include the complete proceedings and monograph collection of the Materials Research Society, the Cambridge Crystallography Database, the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database, the Science of Synthesis and the backfiles of Springer Materials.

Departments and Research Centers supported:

  • Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering
  • Physics
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Bioengineering