UCR Library is the regional home for the California Department of Education's Learning Resources Display Center.

The Learning Resources Display Center (LRDC) houses copies of textbooks and curricular materials that have been either adopted or are under review by the California Department of Education for all subject areas in Grades K-8.  Local educators and the public may visit the LRDC to review the materials to determine which to use in their districts.

Schedule an Appointment

Use the widget below to schedule a visit to the LRDC. You can schedule time to view materials in 2-hour blocks only, but please note that you may select more than 1 block of time on a given day.

Questions? Send an email to christom@ucr.edu



Circulation Rules

LRDC materials may not be checked out from the library, however, UCR Library often acquires  second sets of adopted items that may be borrowed. Search the UCR catalog by title.