The UCR Library collects resources in biochemistry and the interdisciplinary-related subjects of biology, chemistry, and medical sciences. Resources cover areas in carbohydrates, nucleic acids, proteins and enzymes.  We offer subject-specific and general research educational services at the library and provide access to information from the UC Libraries System and beyond.

Conducting Research

Books & Articles

Books are useful for getting a broad introduction or background information to a topic in the biochemical sciences.  Search by topic keywords in the UCR catalog or the Melvyl (UC) catalog

Scholarly articles are carefully evaluated (peer-reviewed) by subject experts to provide reliable and credible information. Locate biochemistry articles by searching in chemistry, biology, and/or medical sciences databases.  The most popular databases are listed on this page.

Specialized Resources  

Standard and state-of-the art research methods used in the biological sciences for purification, identification, modification, engineering, structure determination, interaction studies, and structure analysis.  Resources include Current Protocols, Springer Protocols, Cold Spring Harbor ProtocolsMethods in Molecular Biology, and Methods in Enzymology.

Molecular Graphics Visualization Software
Rasmol is an open source program for visualizing three-dimensional biological macromolecules and their interactions.

Quick Reference