English 126A - American Novel 19th Century  

English 126A - American Novel 19th Century  

You need a poem, article, or story in a magazine from 1790-1852!  What to do!

UCR Libraries a great online sources that beats GOOGLE hands down.

It is called  APS, American Periodicals Series  Online, 1740-1900.

How to search APS
Once you are in APS, select  Search for Articles.

You will be taken to the Basic Search Screen. 

In the Basic Search box, type in your search terms (something related to your topic of equality or domesticity).

Don't hit  Search   yet.

Limit your search to the dates you need:  01/01/1790    TO:  12/31/1852

From: To:

Now click on the Search button!

You should retrieve quite a few results. 

For those of you interested in only poems or stories, press

More Search Options


You will see these options:

Publication title: Browse publications   About
Author: About
Document type:  
Publication type:  
Look for terms in:   About
Sort results by:  

Under Document type, you can limit to:  Poem  for instance.  Or you can limit to a particular magazine, such as : Ladies Home Journal, Massachusetts Magazine, or  Weekly Visitor, or Ladies' Miscellany (1802-1806). 


Please note
:   Putnam's Monthly Magazine did not start publication until 1853 and won't work for your assignment. 
This online source does not include Harper's New Monthly (which did not begin publication until 1850).

If you are using this or other library resources from home, you need to click on this button:   

Click here to connect to the UCR Web VPN
Log in using your Net ID and Net ID Password
 (Same as Webmail) 
Click on UCR Libraries, return to our website, and select your online resource. 
More information remote access

For further assistance, you can contact me, Vicki, through iLearn or any of the the reference librarians :

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