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Secret techniques for Searching Article Databases
Secret techniques for Searching Article Databases

Secret techniques for Searching Article Databases

Tip of the Week

Tip 1: Phrase searching

Have you ever searched for the phrase America the Beautiful in an article database before? I know I have. It was a good thing I knew to put quote marks around words I want to show up together. This works in many of our databases including Academic Search Complete, Web of Science, PsycInfo, and even Google Scholar.

sample: "america the beautiful"

Tip 2: Truncation (for plurals and more)

I could spend extra time doing searches for minority or minorities, or I can use the * to make sure that both terms come up in my results. ACS and PsycInfo do this automatically, but Web of Science does not.

sample: minorit*

Tip 3: Boolean (And, Or, Not)

Use and between words to get both words (often done automatically), or to get either, and not to get one, but not the other.

philadelphia and eagles
(philadelphia or pennsylvania) and eagles
((philadelphia or pennsylvania) and eagles) not football

Want more tips? Feel free to ask a librarian!


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