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Seniors Make New UCR Landmark with Scotty Statue

Seniors Make New UCR Landmark with Scotty Statue

Seniors Make New UCR Landmark with Scotty Statue

Bear Statue

A new Scotty the Bear statue has been displayed next to the Highlander Union Building (HUB.) The Highlander Bear statue is a donation from the Senior Class Gift, which was initiated in 1999 by the Associated Students at UC Riverside (ASUCR.)

The executive director of ASUCR, Laurie Sinclair, briefly described the history of the mascot statue. The class of 2009 voted to make the Senior Gift a brass statue of a large bear mascot for the HUB.  The one they chose was an affordable, generic looking bear.  Then the current Chancellor, Timothy White, decided that there should be only one, uniform "Scotty" mascot, so the project was halted.  When an official mascot was finally decided on, the statue project became a “custom” sculpture, and would cost much more than what was collected by the class of 2009.

Since there were other senior classes that had made donations intended for the new, upcoming Highlander Union Building, there were surplus funds.  The HUB did not need or have to use the extra donations once the building was completed.  These donations were for items such as benches, garden, outdoor furniture and general funds for the building.  These funds came from the classes of 2002, 2004 and 2007. The board of the fund felt it was appropriate to combine these similar funds and put them into the funds of new bear statue.  To come up with the still missing funds for the bear statue, ASUCR donated the final $5000 to make it a reality.

The unveiling of the new brass statue of the Scotty the Bear was held on June 6th, and a plaque will be erected on the brick wall next to the statue listing the contributors.

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