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Elsevier Print Journal Cancellation Review, 2004

Elsevier Print Journal Cancellation Review, 2004

Elsevier Print Journal Cancellation Review, 2004

Introductory Remarks: As you are aware, the UC Libraries recently completed negotiations for a 5-year licensing agreement with Elsevier for access to 1,200 journal titles in digital format (Science Direct). We were very successful in reducing the cost for electronic access to these 1,200 titles for the UC libraries over the next five years. However, the sustained and continuing cost of these titles now requires that the UCR Libraries, and the libraries of each of the UC campuses, proceed, where feasible, with the cancellation of paper copies of Elsevier titles.

Our Budget Situation: As you are also aware, price increases for library subscriptions have averaged nearly 8-10% for the past five years, far outstripping the national inflation rate and the ability of UC campuses to keep pace fiscally. In view of this trend and the predicted budget reductions for fiscal years 2005-2006, the UCR Libraries can no longer absorb the cost of retaining almost all serial titles to which we subscribe in multiple formats. The Governorís budget for FY05 carries a projected reduction to the UC libraries of 7.5%. The impact of this reduction on the materials budget for the UCR Libraries could potentially be in the range of $400,000-600,000, although we hope that this figure can ultimately be reduced.

Preserving Access: We propose to begin the first phase of the UCR serials review process with cancellation of the paper copies of Elsevier journal titles that are available electronically system-wide. In addition to system-wide electronic access, one print copy of each Elsevier title subscribed to by any UC library will be permanently retained at the Southern Regional Library Facility and made available for use by any UC library patron. By canceling the proposed titles, our Libraries will save approximately $155,000 in next yearís budget.

Feedback is Welcome: It is almost certain that the UCR Libraries, like the other UC campuses, will be forced to extend its serials review to other high cost and/or low use print journal titles. This is essential if we are to (1) remain within budget parameters, (2) address faculty requests for some of the important new titles in high demand, and (3) succeed in strategies to reshape the information environment. Please be assured that in each stage of any serials review, we will work closely with faculty to ensure that high use research titles and print journals heavily used by the university community are not negatively impacted. By posting the serials review list to the entire faculty and campus, our goal is to provide ample opportunity for cross-disciplinary/departmental review before final decisions are made. As we continue strategies to develop a more reasonable cost model for providing access to serials and other scholarly information, our ultimate goal is to closely partner with faculty in making the transformation.

The proposed list of Elsevier print titles selected for cancellation is below for your review. Please review the list carefully. If, as a part of your review, you would like to take a look at current issues of any of these titles, you can link to the electronic version at www.sciencedirect.com.


Please send us your comments by May 18: If you have comments or concerns about particular titles on the Elsevier list, please send your thoughts to Rhonda Neugebauer, Interim Head of Collection Development, using the feedback form at the end of the list or contact: rhonda.neugebauer@ucr.edu. We would appreciate receiving your comments by May 18, 2004. Titles will be canceled beginning immediately following this review period and will take effect with January, 2005. We very much appreciate your review and input.

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