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Congratulations to the 4th Annual Petko Award Prize Winners

Congratulations to the 4th Annual Petko Award Prize Winners

Congratulations to the 4th Annual Petko Award Prize Winners

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     On Friday, May 18, 2007 the UCR Libraries held the 4th Annual Awarding of the Adam Repan Petko Memorial Prize for the Student Book Collection Contest Competition for one undergraduate and one graduate winner.


Graduate Winner – Sarah Grant,  Anthropology
"For the Price of a Cup of Coffee: Towards a ‘Collective’ Understanding of Commodities" PDF format 

Undergraduate Winner – Daniel Polk,  History
"Modern Mexican Identity" PDF format

Graduate Honorable Mention Recipient – Leigh E. Engel, Art History
"Duane Michals' Photography, 1958-2007" PDF format

Undergraduate Honorable Mention Recipient – Richard T. Greer, Religious Studies
"Classical to Modern India: A Nascent Study of South Asia" PDF format 

  Dr. Ruth M. Jackson - University Librarian, Dr. Melissa Conway and Sarah Grant - Graduate Student Winner
Photo by Gwido Zlatkes 
Dr. Ruth M. Jackson - University Librarian, Dr. Melissa Conway and
Sarah Grant - Graduate Student Winner

Dr. Ruth M. Jackson - University Librarian and Daniel Polk - Undergraduate Studnet Winner
Photo by Gwido Zlatkes 
Dr. Ruth M. Jackson - University Librarian and Daniel Polk - Undergraduate Student Winner

(Click Here for a full listing of all entrants, their departments and collection titles.)

     We were honored to have present at the ceremony for the fourth year in a row, Dr. Edward C. Petko, of Sherman Oaks, California, our benefactor and son of Adam Repán Petko. Dr. Petko is also the donor of the operating printing presses in Special Collections. The presses are kept in working order for the use of UCR students in the seminars and demonstrations given by Sheryl Davis, Assistant Head of Special Collections, Gwido Zlatkes, Archives Processing Librarian, and Sara Stilley, Special Library Assistant for Printing and Preservation..

Dr. Edward Petko - Benefactor 
Photo by Gwido Zlatkes  
Dr. Edward C. Petko - Benefactor

     Dr. Melissa Conway, Head of Special Collections, was Master of Ceremonies for the event. Dr. Ruth M. Jackson, University Librarian, presented all four awards. The judges for the 2007 competition were as follows:  Chair, Heidi Hutchinson, Special Collections Cataloger and Traven Archivist; Kuei Chiu, Bibliographer, Asian Studies, Humanities and Arts; and Geetha Yapa, Science Reference Librarian. Dr. Petko was asked to speak about his experiences in childhood and adolescence that stimulated his lifelong passion in book collecting and handpress printing. The ceremony concluded with the presentation of a gift books to all ten entrants, hand picked and enthusiastically presented by Chair Heidi Hutchinson.  For the third year in row, the gift book were generously donated by the University of California Press. A reception followed at which the winners and all entrants had the opportunity to meet Dr. Petko. The winning collections will be on display in Special Collections for approximately three months beginning in June.  

     The UCR Libraries’ Student Book Collection Competition is named in honor of Adam Repán Petko (1896-1995), who immigrated to the United States in 1912. The late Mr. Petko’s own love of learning inspired his philanthropic interest in the literacy of his fellow immigrants. He was particularly concerned with the education of the children of immigrants, many of whom had been denied any chance for a formal education in their own countries. This contest honors Mr. Petko’s memory by providing a unique opportunity to undergraduate and graduate students at UCR to display their talents in assembling and organizing a personal book collection. It is the intention of the donor, Dr. Edward C. Petko, the son of Adam Repán Petko, that this competition be an annual event.

     A full listing of all the contestants, their departments, the names of their collections, and the gift books they received follows:

Graduate entrants: 

Leigh E. Engel (Art History)
Collection: Duane Michals’ Photography, 1958-2007
Gift book: David Paul Bayles: Urban Forest (2003)

Sarah G. Grant (Anthropology)
Collection: For the Price of a Cup of Coffee: Towards a “Collective” Understanding of Commodities
Gift book: Daniel Jaffee: Brewing Justice (2007)

Mirtza R. Millard (Entomology)
Collection: Children in Science Fiction
Gift book: Mark Twain: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (2002)

Undergraduate entrants:  

Carol C. Aguas

Collection: Pipe Dreams: Discovering the Past One Bolt at a Time
Gift book: Mark Twain: Roughing It (2003)

Richard T. Greer (Religious Studies)
Collection: Classical to Modern India: A Nascent Study of South Asia
Gift book: Sheldon Pollock: The Language of the Gods in the World of Men (2006)

Kyle G. Levy (Political Science)
Collection: American Political History: People, Events, and Thought
Gift book: Lucy G. Barber: Marching on Washington: The Forging of an American Tradition (2003)

Ivan P. Ninichuck (History)
Collection: Revolution and Reform
Gift book: The Age of Cultural Revolutions : Britain and France, 1750-1820, edited by Colin Jones and Dror Wahrman (2002)

Danielle K. Pearson (Psychology)
Collection: From Nosferatu to Bloodsucking Fiends: Vampires in Film and Print
Gift book: David Rudkin: Vampyr (2006)

Daniel V. Polk (History)
Collection: Modern Mexican Identity
Gift book: Carlos Fuentes: A New Time for Mexico (1997)

Elena Y. Vitoshka (Political Science)
Collection: Adventure and Philosophy
Gift book: Mark Twain: The Prince and the Pauper  (1983)

Student Book Collection Competition

Special thanks to this year’s hardworking judges, Chair Heidi Hutchinson, Kuei Chiu, and Geetha Yapa, as for those who worked behind the scenes to make this year’s competition a success. Among those are Ken Furuta and Krista D. Ivy, who presented two workshops on preparing for the Petko Competition (attended by our 2007 undergraduate winner).  Ken Furuta also worked on publicity and website updates with Michael Yonezawa. Darian Daries, Heidi Hutchinson, Mary Jones, Eric Milenkiewicz, and Sara Stilley, of Special Collections and Secured Collection worked diligently throughout the year on all aspects of the Petko Competition.
For further information please contact:

Dr. Melissa Conway
Head, Special Collections
Rivera Library
(951) 827-3233

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