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bX Recommender Trial going on now through mid-June 2011

bX Recommender Trial going on now through mid-June 2011

bX Recommender Trial going on now through mid-June 2011

bX Recommender Trial: Now through mid-June 2011

What is bX Recommender?

bX is a tool used in UC-eLinks that leads you to other, relevant articles on the information for which you’re searching.  It is similar to other recommender tools such as Amazon’s “Customers who bought this item also bought…” or Netflix’s preferences feature. 

How does it work?

bX generates its recommendations based on actual use by researchers in academic libraries who use link resolver services (like UC-eLinks) all over the world. The service makes connections between articles as searchers discover and access them, so it is continually being refined and improved as more people use it and contribute their data to the system. The database currently contains millions of articles. As the bX database grows, the system will be able to make more connections between articles, and searchers will see more recommendations.

Do I need to worry about the privacy of my searches?

No, personal information about your searches is not retained.  Any personally identifiable information is scrubbed and the data is aggregated from all searches.

Where can I find the bX recommendations?

You have to click on the UC-eLinks button and scan down. The UC e-Links function is available through most article databases.

What will it look like? 

In the mocked up screen shot below, a user has found an article.  In the box labeled “Users interested in this article…”, the searcher is referred to other articles related to the original, based on usage by other researchers. 

Will the recommendations be full-text?

Some of the items will be hyperlinked to full text.  There may also be an icon indicating that an item is available in full text. If the full-text item is not available, you can use the Request feature (interlibrary loan) in the UC-eLinks window. 

Are the recommendations peer-reviewed only or will they include popular magazines such as Time magazine?

Because many of UC’s journals are considered “scholarly,” many, but not all of the articles will be peer-reviewed.

Does it work with articles only or books too?

It is mainly used to recommend articles, but there might be a few book recommendations, too.

Can I use the service from home?

Yes, but you will have to connect to our network. Please see Connect from off-campus for more information.

Will this service be available from all databases? 

The service will be available whenever you see the UC-eLinks button.

Will it only show articles that we can access or will it include articles that we can’t access through our campus? How do I get the articles that I can’t access?

It will show articles that are available both at your campus, and those that you may need to borrow from another location.  To borrow an item, use the “Request It” link in the UC-eLinks window to borrow from another library. 

How can I give feedback?

Since this is only a 2 month trial, we want to know how you like it.  Please use the link that says “bX Recommender Feedback” to tell us if it was useful to you in your research process.  We would like to gather as much feedback as possible during the trial period.


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