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Planning on Studying for Finals in the Library?
Planning on Studying for Finals in the Library?

Planning on Studying for Finals in the Library?

Tip of the Week

Here are things you should know:

  • StudyingExtended library hours will start Friday, December 6th at 7:30am. The Orbach Science Library will be open 24 hours until Thursday, December 12th at midnight. Rivera Library will be open until 2 a.m every night. Service hours vary, so don't forget to check out the library hours page.
  • Reserve your Group Study Rooms in advance! They are already filling up. The Rivera and Orbach Science Libraries also have walk-in rooms for group studying. Individuals are welcome to use these rooms, but they must leave when a group wishes to use it - see policy.
  • Quiet study areas are available on the second floor of the Rivera Library, and the third floor of the Orbach Science Library. On these floors, audible cell phone/pager ringers should be off and conversation should be limited.
  • Looking for an open computer in Rivera Library? Room 140, located on the first floor near the elevators, is now open for student use through Friday, December 13.
  • Help keep the library clean and throw away your trash-- please follow guidelines for snacks and drinks.
  • Scantrons and bluebooks can be purchased at both libraries during our service hours. We only accept cash for these sales.
  • Have a reference question? Check out the many ways you can reach us, especially our 24/7 live chat service!
  • The Campus Safety Escort Service will operate until 11:30pm Sunday to Thursday.  For other hours, please call UCR police for an escort at 951-827-5222.
  • Keep an eye out on our facebook fan page during finals week! We have been known to give out treats.

Good Luck!

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