New Digital Resources: Global Financial Data

Global Financial Data

Researchers in economics, history, business and sociology who need historical economic data now have access to a potential gold mine through the Global Financial Data (GFDatabase)

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The GFDatabase is an unparalleled collection of financial and economic data covering more than 200 countries compiled from original data sources such as historical archives, academic journals and news periodicals. Its 4 component databases include:

Economics Database:
 Unemployment Rates for all major economies
 GDP Data for all major economies, including real and per capita data
 Consumer Price Indices for over 100 countries
 Wholesale and Producer Price Indices for over 75 countries
 Futures Data for major contracts
 Spot commodity prices for metals, agricultural goods, energy and industrial goods back to the 1800s
 Commodity Price Indices back to 1914
 Exchange Rates for all World Currencies Against the US Dollar
 Cross-exchange rates for major currencies
 Historical Black Market exchange rates
 Daily Exchange Rates Back to the 1920s for most major currencies.
 Population data for over 200 countries on an annual basis with data back to the 1800s for major economies

Fixed Income Database:
 Government Bond Yields going back to the 1800s
 Treasury Bill Yields for all major economies
 Deposit Rates for households and for enterprises
 Lending Rates for households and for enterprises
 Interbank Interest Rates from one month to one year
 Interest Rate Swaps from one year to thirty years
 Overnight and Call Money Rates
 Corporate Bond Yields
 Central Bank Interest Rates including discount rates and repo rates back to the 1800s
 Commercial Paper Yields
 Bond Indicies for developed and emerging markets

Equity Database:
 Stock Market Indices from over 100 countries that include over 2000 current and historical stock market indices
 US and Global Sector indices following the GICS classification
 US and Global Stock Market Indices going back to the 1800s
 Dividend Yield Data for over 50 countries
 Price-Earnings Ratios for over 50 countries
 Capitalization Data from over 50 exchanges worldwide
 Volume Traded Data from over 50 exchanges worldwide
 Value, Growth, Large-cap, Midcap and Small-cap Indices
 Technical Indicators on advances, declines, and other categories
 Daily data on over 10,000 current NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and OTC common stocks, preferred stocks and warrants back to 2005
 Information on Dividends, Splits and Stock Distributions on over 10,000 US Stocks back to 2005
 One Year of Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Data on over 7000 US companies

Total Return Database:

 Most comprehensive, historical database for stock, bond, and bill total returns available anywhere
 Total Return Data for Stocks, Bonds, and Bills for over 40 countries
 Total Return Data for all major markets back to the 1920s
 Total Return Data on commodities

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