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Pages starting with "C"

CACLS Tips for Writing Review Documentation
Calendar of Events
California Advisory Committee on Salmon and Steelhead Trout ( CACSST )
California Agricultural Extension Service Circulars
California ballot measures
California Citrograph 1915
California Citrograph 1922
California Citrograph 1937
California Citrograph 1947
California Colloquium on Water
California Highway and Traffic Conditions
California Museum of Photography Library
California Performance Review
California Registered Sex Offender Database
California State Government
California Water Districts & Associations
California Water Resources Oral History Series
Campus Vending Machines
Can I Check out Music?
Carl A. Wiley collection on solar sails
Catalog of Coastal Aerial Photographs
Cataloger Tools and Links
Cataloging Internet Resources : Bookmarks for Session 1
Cataloging Policies and Procedures
Cataloging Statistics
Cataloging Tools and Links
Cataloging/Metadata Services Department Directory
Cataloging/Metadata Services Five-Year Goals
Cataloging/Metadata Services Mission Statement
CD Rom Titles
CEE - Define Terms, Steps and Possible Methodolgies
CEE Design Project - Define Information Needs
CEE Senior Design Project Topic Selection Tips
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the LA Aqueduct
CES: 1907 Growers Institute
CES: 50th Anniversary Program
CES: 75th Anniversary Program
CES: 75th Anniversary: Planting the Commemorative Oroblanco Grapefruit tree
CES: Aerial View of the Citrus Experiment Station
CES: Citrus Growers attend a conference at the Citrus Experiment Station, 1913
CES: Field Day, 1916
CES: First Horticultural Assembly 1913
CES: Herbert J. Webber
CES: Original Citrus Experiment Station Building, 1912
CES: Original Research Faculty
CES: The 50th and 75th Anniversary Celebrations
CES: The Legal Underpinnings, 1908
Change of Address Form
Charles B. Waite photographs
Charles Derleth, Jr., 1874-1956
Charles Moll
Charles Phillip Yorke family correspondence
Chass Connect
CHASS F1RST 001E - Empire Within
Checking Out & Renewing Material
Checklist: Books in the Citrus Experiment Station Anniversary Exhibit
Chemical Abstracts in Print
Chemical and/or Biochemical Engineering Design Project
Chemical Engineering Call Numbers
Chemical Engineering Cost Data
Chemistry Article Databases
CHFY 003K: Women, AIDS and the Global Economy Class "bookmarks"
CHFY001F Chass Connect: Religious Studies
Chicago Manual of Style
Chicano/Latino Studies: Library Resource Guide
Chief source of information (2.0B1)
Choice of OCLC Record
Choosing Your Topic
Circulation (checkout)
Cite Your Sources
Citing Articles from Databases and Web Sites
Citing Government Publications and Websites
Citrograph Tractor Advertisement ,1918
Citrus and agriculture scrapbook
Citrus Experiment Station Centennial Exhibit at Special Collections: A View of the Exhibit Cases
Citrus Experiment Station Centennial Exhibition
Citrus Research of the Nineteenth Century from the CES Library
Civil Rites: Marriage and Public Policy
Clare Spark papers
Classification for Comic Books (and Strips) - Monographs
Classification for Comic Books (and Strips) - Serials
Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information (CDRI)
Clickable Map of the World
Clickers are a H-ITT in the Library!
Climate and Weather Information at UCR
Clippings Found in the File Folders of the Department of Anthropology
Coachella Valley Resources
Coal Energy
Codes & Standards
Collection Coordinators and Bibliographers
Collection Development
Collection Development Policies
Collection of Alien Nation television scripts
Collection of Andromeda television scripts
Collection of antique automobile photographs
Collection of autographed letters
Collection of Battle of Ciudad Juárez photographs
Collection of California Archives Month posters
Collection of California historical brochure
Collection of cartes de visite
Collection of Cine Mundial Archivo Mexico photographs
Collection of citrus and fig labels
Collection of Coatzacoalcos, Mexico photographs
Collection of English court and peerage letters
Collection of fanzines
Collection of framed artwork
Collection of Great Britain statutes
Collection of Mexican Revolution photographs
Collection of Mexico photographs
Collection of Mission Inn photographs
Collection of Nineteenth Century English divines letters
Collection of Paraguay photographs
Collection of Riverside, California photographs
Collection on Álvaro Obregón
Collection on Billy the Kid
Collection on Francisco
Collection on Isaac Foot
Collection on Philip K. Dick
Collection on the Riverside International Raceway
Collection on Venustiano Carranza
Collections of Stories
Colonial and Early American Newspapers
Columbia Space Shuttle Accident Investigation
Committee on Cultural Diversity
Committee on Diversity
Committees 1997-1998
Committees 1998-1999
Committees 1999-2000
Committees 2000-2001
Committees 2001-2002
Committees 2002-2003
Committees 2003-2004
Committees 2004-2005
Committees 2005-2006
Committees 2006-2007
Committees 2007-2008
Committees 2008-2009
Committees 2009-2010
Committees 2010-2011
Committees 2011-2012
Company Information
Comprehensive Report of the Special Advisor to the DCI on Iraq's WMD
Concise Steps to Compliance
Connect From Off-Campus
Connected WebVPN
Constitution Day
Consumer Information
Consumer Information and Consumer Complaints
Contact Information
Contact Us
Contents Note
Contractor Builder
Controversial Issues
Controversial Topics
Cookbooks in my Kitchen: A Working Collection
Copy Services
Copyright & Other Compliance Information
Copyright in Teaching, Research and Publishing
Copyright Retention FAQ And Suggested Forms
Course Reserves
CRC Handbook of Environmental Control - 1972
Create / Change Library PIN
Creating a New Patron Record
Creating a Reference List - Sciences
Creating and Removing a PIN
Creative Commons
Creative Writing
Crime/Detective/Mystery/Noir Fiction
Criteria for Judging Proposals
Current Exhibitions
Current Periodicals
Current Protocols
Curriculum Materials
Customized Information Pages

General Campus Information

University of California, Riverside
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Riverside, CA 92521
Tel: (951) 827-1012
UCR Career Opportunities
Library Job Opportunities

UCR Library Information

Directions / Mailing Addresses
Tomás Rivera Library: (951) 827-3220
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Music Library: (951) 827- 3137
Multimedia Library: (951) 827-5606

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