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Pages starting with "E"

E-Reserves Frequently Asked Questions
Earl R. Oatman papers
Earliest Books in Citrus Research from the CES Library
Early History of the Citrus Experiment Station
Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of Green
Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences Information
Earthquake Preparedness
Eaton Cataloging Guidelines
Eaton Comic Books
Eaton Illustrators
Eaton Links
Eaton Monographic Cataloging Guidelines
eBooks in AccessMedicine, MD Consult, and STAT!Ref
Ebscohost Multisearch
Edgar Pässler collection on B. Traven
Edmund C. Jaeger papers
Edmund Goeze: Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Orangengewächse, 1874
Edna R. Webster collection on the Maya civilization
Education / Library & Information Science
Education 116
Education Services
Education Services Codes
Education Services Collection
Education Services Newsletter Archive
Education Web Sites
Edward Hyatt, 1888-1954
eHRAF Collection of Ethnography
Elections and Campaign Finance
Electrical Engineering Senior Design Projects - UCR
Electronic Books
Electronic Journals
Electronic Reserve Guidelines for Faculty
Electronic Reserves
Electronic Resources and Network Terms and Conditions
Electronic Resources Trials
Elmer W. Holmes papers
Eloise Emerson papers
EndNote at UCR
Energy Conservation
Energy Costs
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficient Buildings
Energy Government Resources
Energy Management
Energy Risk Management
Energy Savings
Energy Trading
Engineering Article Databases
Engineering Conference Proceedings
Engineering Data
Engineering Encyclopedias
Engineering Exam (FE/EIT) Study Resources
Engineering Journals
Engineering Research Guides
English 1 Worksheet
English 126A - American Novel 19th Century
English 1A - Research Basics
English 1B
English 1B - Nickel & Dimed
English 1B Worksheet
English 1B: Taking a Stand
English 1B: Genetically Modified Foods
English 1B: Giants of Intellectual Thought
English 1B: Initial Steps
English 1B: Terry Spaise - Ibsen & the Environment
English 1C: Terry Spaise - George Eliot's Silas Marner
English 1C: The Bible & Fairy Tales
English Guides
Entering Records into Your EndNote Library
Entomology Information
EnvE - Define Terms, Steps and Possible Methodolgies
EnvE Design Project - Define Information Needs
EnvE Senior Design Project Topic Selection Tips
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics and Policy
Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology and Exotoxicology
Environmental Engineering Classification
Environmental Engineering Cost Data
Environmental Engineering Design Project
Environmental Engineering Research Guide
Environmental Sciences
Environmental Sciences and Management
Environmental Social Sciences
Eos Books
ErgoLib for Safer Library Computing
Ernest Kanitz papers
Established Cutters for Publishing Firms
Ethanol Gasoline
Ethnic Studies
Ethnic Studies 005: Introduction to Asian American Studies
Ethnic Studies 135
Ethnic Studies 191R - Civil Rights
Ethnic Studies 191R, Winter 2008
Ethnobotany: Chilies, Cacao and Vanilla
European History
Evaluate what you find
Evans (Samuel C.) collection on the Riverside Land and Irrigating Company
Events in the Libraries
Evidence Based Medicine
Examination Proctoring
Examples login screens for library resources
Executive Board Roster
Executive Board Rosters
Exhibit: Extreme Weather
Expedite / Rush Cataloging Procedures

General Campus Information

University of California, Riverside
900 University Ave.
Riverside, CA 92521
Tel: (951) 827-1012
UCR Career Opportunities
Library Job Opportunities

UCR Library Information

Directions / Mailing Addresses
Tomás Rivera Library: (951) 827-3220
Orbach Science Library: (951) 827-3701
Music Library: (951) 827- 3137
Multimedia Library: (951) 827-5606

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