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Pages starting with "G"

G.C. Edmondson papers
Gage Canal collection
Gems from the Citrus Experiment Station Library
Gene Fowler papers
General / Broad Subject Coverage
General/Multidisciplinary Indexes & Databases
Genomics Electronic Books
Genomics Exhibit
Genomics Exhibit - Books & Websites
Geographic Information Systems
Geography Quiz Exhibit
Geologic Folded & Road Maps
George A. Boyce papers
George Brown Legacy Project
George Brown: A Rich Legacy of Leadership
George Brown: In His Own Words
George Fujimoto diaries
George Zentmyer papers
Georges Gallesio: Traité du citrus, 1811
Geosciences 004 Categories
Gerd Heidemann collection on B. Traven
German Expressionism - Art History 192
Getting to the UCR Libraries
gf Services to the Graduate School of Education
Gifts and Donations
Giovanni Battista Ferrari: Hesperides, 1646
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) FAQ
GIS Day @ UCR & UCR Extension November 14, 2012
GIS Day Poster Submission Information
GIS Information of Anthropology and Archaeology
Global Studies: CHFY003
Glossary of Library and Information Lingo
Go Links
Go Mobile with the UCR Library!
Government Information / Law / Patents & Trademarks
Government Information in the News
Government Jobs
Government Publications
Government Publications Duplicate Material
Government Response to Hurricane Katrina
Government Sales and Auctions
Government Student Financial Aid
GovPub Atlas Collection Location
GovPub CA Collection Location
GovPub Collection Locations
GovPub Comp.Rm.
GovPub Comp.Rm. (Request at GovPub Reference Desk)
GovPub Current -- Temporarily located at the end of the GovPub Law section
GovPub Current Collection Location
GovPub Foreign Collection Location
GovPub Int'l Collection Location
GovPub Law Collection Location
GovPub LC Coll. Location
GovPub Local Collection Location
GovPub M'fiche (Microfiche) Collection
GovPub Oversize Collection Locations
GovPub Pamphlet Location
GovPub Patent Locations
GovPub Patent Locations : All Patent and Trademark Collections now located in SCIENCE LIBRARY, first floor
GovPub Pub.List Collection Locations
GovPub Ref Collection Locations
GovPub Reference Desk
GovPub UN & UN Study Area Collection Locations
GovPub US Collection
Graduate Carrel Policy and Internal Procedures and Acceptance Agreement
Graduate Carrels
Graduate Students
Grammar Resources
Great Reads in the Sciences
Green Companies
Green Energy
Gregory Benford papers
Guantanamo Bay Detainees
Guide to EndNote
Guide to L'Annee Philologique
Guide to Peer-Reviewed Journals What is a Peer-Reviewed Journal?
Guide to Using Reserve Checklists
Guideline for Published Monographs in Archival Collections
Guidelines for Librarian Career Development Funds
Guidelines: University-Wide Research Grants for Librarians
Guillermo Arturo Weyer collection on Agencia Noticiosa Paraguaya
Guy Davenport papers

General Campus Information

University of California, Riverside
900 University Ave.
Riverside, CA 92521
Tel: (951) 827-1012
UCR Career Opportunities
Library Job Opportunities

UCR Library Information

Directions / Mailing Addresses
Tomás Rivera Library: (951) 827-3220
Orbach Science Library: (951) 827-3701
Music Library: (951) 827- 3137
Multimedia Library: (951) 827-5606

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