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Identity Theft
IE LEADS First Year Fellows Reception 2010-2011
IE LEADS in the News...
IEEE Citation Style
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Illustrated matter only on frontispiece
Images, Photographs & Maps
Inactive California Newspapers Held at UCR
Inca Art : Art History Junior/Senior Seminar
Incorporating the Library into iLearn (Science)
Incorporating the Library into Your iLearn Course
Industry Information
Influenza Pandemic / Avian Influenza
Information for UCR Libraries’ Candidates for Academic Positions
Information on Fault Zones in the Inland Empire and Adjacent Areas
Information on Mines and Mining in The UCR Science Library
InfoWelcomeWelcome to the University of California, Riverside Libraries. There are many libraries with vast collections for you to enjoy. If you need help with your research, feel free to contac
Initial Articles
Inland Empire Governments
Inland Empire Memories Initiative
INNOPAC Codes and MARC Tags
INNOPAC Diacritics and Special Characters Table
Insects in Film
Inspec on Ovid
Institutional Lending Policies & Fees
Instruction (classes, tours, and orientations)
Instruction and Learning Tools
Instruction Guidelines
Instruction Librarians
Instruction Services
Instruction Tools
Interactive Mapping
Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary Loan Article Request Form - Rivera
Interlibrary Loan Article Request Form - Science
Interlibrary Loan Book Request Form - Rivera
Interlibrary Loan Manual Request Forms
Interlibrary Loan REQUEST Service
Interlibrary Loans - General Information
Interlibrary  Book Request Form - Science
International Drought Symposium
International Governmental Organizations
International Water Day, March 29, 2011
International World Water Day, 2011: Water for Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge
Internet Help Guides
Introduction to Latin America
Introduction to Public Policy Analysis
Iraq War
Iraqi Prisoner Abuse
Is this war with Iraq a "Just War"?
Ivan J. Thomason papers

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University of California, Riverside
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Tel: (951) 827-1012
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Library Job Opportunities

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Tomás Rivera Library: (951) 827-3220
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Music Library: (951) 827- 3137
Multimedia Library: (951) 827-5606

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