International Governmental Organizations

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International Intergovernmental Organizations
Northwestern University Library directory connects to the websites of international governmental organizations. Particular emphasis is given to agencies of the United Nations and the European Union.

International Resources by Theme
Northwestern University Library guide connects to key resources and international organizations by subject (agriculture, development, labor economics, population, etc.) category.

International Resources By Region
Northwestern University Library guide connects to key resources and organizations for regions (Africa, Middle East, etc.) of the world.

Intergovernmental Organization Search Engine
Custom Google search engine searches across hundreds of international government organization websites.

International Governmental Organizations


OECD : Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development : home page
OECD website with: info about the OECD and its activities; reports and statistics on world-wide and country economic and social conditions, policies, and indicators; and more.

SourceOECD : OECD iLibrary
OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) statistical databases and full text books and periodicals.
Fee database accessible at UCR Libraries.

--United Nations

United Nations : home page
UN website with: info about the United Nations and its activities; connections to UN main bodies and specialized agencies.
--To VIEW TEXTS of recent official records, resolutions, and other United Nations documents, choose "Documents"
---For bibliographic and statistical databases, treaties, and selected other information/publications, choose "Databases"

United Nations : Topic Index to UN System Programmes
A to Z (from Africa to Youth) index identifying UN programmes, commissions, agencies, and bodies that deal with each listed topic.

United Nations Documentation : Research Guide
United Nations Dag Hammrskjold Library guide "designed for researchers and information professionals with an interest in United Nations documentation. It presents an overview of the various types of documents and publications issued by the Organization (e.g, reports, resolutions, meeting records, sales publications, press releases) and gives guidance on how to work with them."

United Nations Documents
Official documents of UN main bodies (General Assembly, Security Council, etc.); UN Official Documents Search system (ODS); bibliographic database; links to UN maps; and more.

United Nations System : Official WEB Site Locator
Connect to web sites of United Nations organizations and agencies. U.N. organizations listed alphabetically and by theme/subject.

United Nations System Libraries
Connect to publications and databases of U.N. organizations and specialized agencies. Listings by UN organizational group, alphabetical by agency/organization, and by broad subject covered.

--World Bank

World Bank : home page
World Bank website with: information about the World Bank and its activities; selected publications; worldwide and country statistics; and much more.
---For text of 80,000+ World Bank titles, go to Documents and Reports
---Select "Research" or "Data & Research" tab to reach key publications, statistics, and tools. Direct link.

World Bank E-Library
Includes full-text World Bank publications and policy research working papers. Topics include: economic development, finance, public policy, education, energy, health, technology, poverty, gender, the environment, and more.
Has full-text of recent publications not available from free World Bank website.
Fee database accessible at UCR Libraries.


OFFSTATS : Official Statistics on the Web
Free statistics from official (national and international intergovernmental agencies) sources. Arranged by country, region, or topic.

SourceOECD : OECD iLibrary
OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) statistical databases and full text books and periodicals.
Fee database accessible at UCR Libraries.

UN Data : United Nations Data
International and country-by-country statistics from the United Nations and UN affiliated organizations. Subjects include agriculture, education, labor, energy, trade, finance, population, health, and more.

World Bank : Data
Social, economic, financial, and development data for more than 200 countries and economies.
Browse, map, graph, or download data by country, indicator, or topic.

World dataBank
World Bank collection of economic and social data for the countries of the world. Select database, then variables (countries, data series, time).

World Development Indicators : WDI
Data for more than 800 development, economic, and social indicators, with time series for 208 countries from 1960 to present, where data are available.


GLIN : Global Legal Information Network
"A public database of official texts of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and international organizations."
Texts are in their original languages and are accompanied by summaries in English.
"All summaries are available to the public, and public access to full texts is also available for most jurisdictions."

Guide to Law Online : Multinational Reference
U.S. Law Library of Congress, guide to sources of information on international and national law and government. Links to:
---constitutions and constitutional law
---heads of state, cabinet members
---laws, legislatures
Includes links to general sources of information about individual countries and regions.

Guide to Law Online : Treaties
Law Library of Congress guide with links to collections of texts of treaties and to treaties research guides.

United Nations Treaty Collection
United Nations treaty series, League of Nations treaty series, multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary-General, and more. Search for treaties by country, subject, title words, etc.

World Legal Information Institute
A collection of legal information from countries and international courts. Materials include case law, legislation , treaties, law reform reports and law journals. Links listed by country and by subject.

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