Policies for Large Format Plotter

Guidelines & General Information

Printing, scanning, copying to the large format plotter is limited to cartographic materials (i.e. Maps).

All jobs must be started prior to 4:30 pm Monday - Friday. Large format printing is not available on the weekends. Print jobs are done on a first come first serve basis. The goal of the Map Collection is to fulfill the cartographic needs of researchers, students and the community.

Printing & Copying

Paper Type & Size Limitations

The plotter has two paper roll sizes to print on,  36" or 42" (approximately 90 or 100 cm.) So long as one side of the poster does not exceed 42" (106 cm) the job can be printed. Print jobs exceeding 6 ft /72 in / 180 cm will be charged an additional $5.00. Map Collection staff recommends that you take into account that the plotter will need 0.5" border on each side to print, or job will need to be scaled down to fit. The Map Collection only uses HP coated paper and HP ink cartridges.

File Types and Misc. Information

The computers in the Digital Map Room can support the following file formats: PDF (preferred), TIFF, JPG. Powerpoint and ArcGIS is also available on the computers.


Maps not exceeding 42" (106 cm) can be scanned at any resolution but the Map Collection does not recommend exceeding 600 dpi. The scanner is a sheet fed scanner and can only scan individual sheets of paper that do not have a cover. Images can be saved as TIFF, JPG or PDF. Files can be burned to CD/DVD or saved to a flash drive. The Map Collection does not sell or provide CD/DVD's or flash drives.

Prices & Forms of Payment

To print, scan or copy is $5.00 per job. Print jobs exceeding 6 ft /72 in /180 cm will be charged an additional $5.00. A separate receipt will be created for each individual job. You can pay with Bear Bucks, Department Recharge (download dept. recharge form) or Cash/Coin. The machine only accepts 1, 5, or 10 dollar bills and no pennies. 

The money that we receive goes directly to paying for the materials, supplies and maintenance associated with the plotter.

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