The Antonia Bucho Petko & Adam Repán Petko Collection on the History of the Book and Printing

Future Dr. Edward Petko with his parents

Printing presses



Printing Classes:

Student Book Collecting Competition

The University of California, Riverside currently hosts the Antonia Bucho Petko & Adam Repán Petko Collection on the History of the Book and Printing, which consists of printing presses and type owned by Dr. Edward C. Petko, M.D., a bibliophile and amateur-printer.

The Petko Collection consists of fifteen 19th and 20th- century printing  presses, more than sixty cabinets of fonts, and other printing equipment, including authentic compositor's sticks and ink balls. Special Collections & Archives maintains an active printing workshop in support of book arts classes open to UCR undergraduate and graduate students.  Appointments may also be made for demonstrations and workshops.

Dr. Edward Petko placed his collection on long-term loan in memory of his parents, Antonia Bucho Petko and Adam Repán Petko. He also instituted an annual book collecting competition in memory of his father open to UCR undergraduate and graduate students.

In addition, Special Collections and University Archives owns outright a bookbinding collection from the shop of the late master book restorer Max Adjarian, which was donated to the University of California, Riverside by Fred and Catherine Adjarian, Mr. Adjarian's son and daughter-in-law, in May 2008. The collection of antique binding tools, equipment, materials, marbled papers and samples of fine bindings complements the printing press collection.

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