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Researchers often find that they need the help of reference management software to help them keep track of the various books and articles they have read, downloaded, copied, printed etc…

There are many products to choose from with a variety of features, such as.

  1. Word Processor integration for in-text citation and bibliography creation
  2. Web Capture (single or multiple record)
  3. Importing from/Exporting to common bibliographic formats
  4. Direct search of databases and catalogs from inside the program
  5. Online storage and sharing of libraries
  6. Links to full-text online and/or on a hard drive.

These are 4 popular products that interface with Microsoft Word to help create citation lists.







  • Very flexible, powerful
  • Not web based, but interfaces well with EndNote Web
  • Is fairly expensive
  • Difficult to share libraries

EndNote Web

  • Web Based
  • Free to UCR people
  • Limited styles, connections, and filters.
  • Not free once you leave UCR


  • Free
  • Captures single and in some cases multiple records from many sites.
  • Works best with Firefox, though a standalone is available.
  • Fairly limited options in the online interface.


  • Free
  • Available from anywhere
  • Has a robust desktop client
  • No direct multiple record export (yet?) from many databases.


  • Works with Google Docs
  • Only works in chrome and only works with Google Docs.


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