Civil Rites: Marriage and Public Policy 

Schedule of Library Sessions:

Session 1  Finding that core primary legal document
Session 2  Secondary sources - books and scholarly articles
Session 3  
More primary and historical documents 

Session 1

a) Primary Sources - quick review

Primary Resources Help Guide
Primary Resources Tutorial

b) Finding that core primary legal document  

United States Congressional Serial Set
From Browse Subjects, select Social Issues, then Polygamy

This database includes congressional reports and documents, not  acts or court cases. But it does include a useful sidebar that lists relevant court cases and acts on polygamy.   You can find related materials on discussions leading up to the passage of new laws.

Century of Lawmaking  This website includes statutes as well as the Congressional Globe and Congressional Record, transcripts of debates in Congress up through 1875.

To find the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act online:
In this box, type in the number 501              

It is Chapter CXXVI anc comprised of 3 short sections.

NOTE:  Many acts are not listed under their popular name, such as this one.  This act was part of a larger statute establishing land grant colleges.  

The Statutes at Large, the Congressional Globe and the Congressional Record are also available in print form in the Government Publications Law section, first floor of the Rivera Library.  Just ask for help at the Government Publications Reference Desk. 

WestLaw Campus Research  - Use this resource to find court cases and law review journals
For court cases, you can search by:

Document name - e.g. Davis v. Beason
Citation - e.g.  98 U.S. 145 
or use the basic or advanced search.

To find Reynolds versus

click: WestLaw Campus Research 
click the GO after "I agree" 
Enter 98 U.S. 145 in the Document by citation box and hit GO

Find a Document by citation: (e.g., 98 S.CT 2733)


Clicking on "Citing References" on the left will lead you to other cases and relevant articles about  the case.

c) How to cite government and legal materials

Session 2

Books:  Use Scotty, the online catalog.  Reminder: Scotty does not include articles.

Search by keyword for materials on a particular topic. To retrieve variations of a word, use *
Refine your searches by using Subject Headings.

Articles:   Go to  Databases by Subject ->  select History -> 

America: History and Life -  Scholarly articles, reviews, dissertations, and collections in US and Canadian history from pre-history to present, most with abstracts and some full-text; 1964-present.

Search tips

limit to  'Articles'
try different search strategies and keywords
use more than one search term 
refine using subject headings
read the abstracts first
UC-eLinks to check holdings 

You can also use:

JSTOR:  The Scholarly Journal Archive - scholarly journals digitized, starting with the very first issues, many of which date from the 1800s. JSTOR is not a current issues database - it does not include the past 1-5 years.            

Search tips:

use Advanced Search
use more than one search term 
limit by discipline/journal titles 

limit by Article

Let the research lead you !

Session 3 

More primary resources  - magazines, newspapers, diaries, and more!

Go to  Databases by Subject ->  select History ->  then scroll to Online Texts

American Periodicals Series Online, 1740-1900  (search tip:  limit by date)
Digitized articles from more than 1000 American magazines

New York Times 1857-2001

Gerritsen Collection, Women's History Online, 1543-1945   (search tip: add search terms, limit by date)  
Womens' perspectives from around the world

Early American Newspapers, Series I. (1690-1876)  (search tip:  limit by date or Eras in American History)

19th Century Mormon Publications (includes the Deseret News)

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 Further Assistance

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