Ethnic Studies 191R - Civil Rights

Representative Reference Sources:

Reference items are useful for "auditioning" ideas (are there enough source documents to write a paper), giving the background on an event, and suggesting next steps with article bibliographies.

Index to Articles (paper):

Indexed titles include Jet, Ebony, and the New South.

Definition of Primary Resources:

Primary resources provide firsthand evidence of historical events. They are generally unpublished materials such as manuscripts, photographs, maps, artifacts, audio and video recordings, oral histories, postcards, and posters. In some instances, published materials can also be viewed as primary materials for the period in which they were written. In contrast, secondary materials, such as textbooks, synthesize and interpret primary materials (from "What are Primary Resources?" by the UCLA Institute on Primary Resources).

Online Newspapers:

Microfilm Newspapers:

These papers are on microfilm and shelved in the Rivera Library basement.  There are machines where you can read, or scan, articles. 

Declassified Documents:

Other resources:


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