Introduction to Latin America

Primary Sources: General


After you enter your keywords (or Subject Heading) there are other keywords that focus the results to primary sources.

Helpful Keywords for finding Primary Sources
  • Biography (Autobiographical)
  • Cases
  • Correspondence
  • Diaries
  • Documents
  • Early Works
  • Facsimiles
    • Interviews
    • Letters
    • Pamphlets
    • Personal Narratives
    • Public Opinion
    • Sources
    • Speeches

    Primary Sources: Online Newspapers

    As a rule of thumb, the coverage from online historical newspapers varies widely from complete to non-existent.  If resources for your research question are not available, then we'll go with "Plan B," requesting a microfilm copy through Interlibrary Loan (with thanks to Brian Geiger, UCR, Center for Bibliographic Studies)

    Primary Sources: Newspapers "Plan B"

    Check Scotty, and then Next-Generation Melvyl for your newspaper.

    Primary Sources: Diaries

    Primary Sources: Online Texts

    Primary Sources: Online Images

    Historic photographs and prints (from Krista Ivy, UCR libraries Art Librarian)

    Primary Sources: Images "Plan B"

    Photographs and prints will also be included in newspaper articles & books on your subject.  To identify whether a book has illustrations, look at the "Description" field, e.g., "col ill," "illus," "plates," etc.  You can also use the "Advanced Search form on The University of Washington, Seattle's catalog ( to limit to books with illustrations.  If you find one, search for it again in Scotty or Next-Generation Melvyl for local availability.

    Scholarly Articles

    Scholarly articles, which are secondary sources, can help provide the context for your primary source.  This list is a quick sample of the available databases.

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