Introduction to Public Policy Analysis

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Finding Data:

Other Resources:

Off Campus Access to Databases:

For information on accessing Library resources from off campus, click the “Connect from Home” link on the left navigation bar, or load You should download and install the AnyConnect VPN software client. The newspaper database, Academic via LexisNexis, does not work well with Web access.

ASA Style Guide:

Sample Citations

Statistical Abstract:
U.S. Bureau of the Census. 2009. Statistical Abstract of the United States. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office.

American Institute of Public Opinion. 1938a. “Gallup Poll no. 130.” Princeton, NJ: American Institute of Public Opinion [producer]. New Haven, CT: Roper Center for Public Opinion Research [distributor].

Getting Started:

The best time to start focus your project is at the beginning:

Finding Editorials:

Example 1
  1. Click the News banner on the left navigation bar (Example 1)
  2. Click All News;
The news search page will then load (Example 2 below):
  1. Select Editorials & Opinions in "Article Type;"
  2. Select Country in "Article Location" and limit to United States;
  3. Limit to Newspapers in "By Type" if necessary;
  4. Limit to recent editorials in "Specify Date" if necessary.
  5. Select Expanded List on the results page to see your search terms in context (Example 3 below).
Example 2
Example 3

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