Journal Citation Reports

What is the JCR?

JCR (or Journal Citation Reports) is the source for Impact Factors

for journals in the sciences and social sciences.  Impact factors, developed by ISI, are numbers representing the number of times articles in a journal have been cited relative to how many articles are published in the journal.  Impact factors are a way to determine the relative usefulness or prestige of a journal. See our document on Using JCR Wisely.

There are 2 editions of the JCR, the Science edition and the Social Sciences

The JCR is updated annually and the edition for a particular year typically comes out in the fall of the following year. For example the JCR for 2003 would become available in Fall 2004.

How do I access JCR?

1. Go to 
Click on databases
3. Click on J
4. Click on Journal Citation Reports


1. Go to JCR directly from this Web page.

You may view all of the journals, search for a particular title or look at sets by subject, publisher or country of publication.

When you have found the journal or set of journals that interest you, you may sort by title, impact factor or any of several other factors.

Mark the titles that interest you (or click  to mark your entire set) and click on .

Click on  to Print or Save your results.

To put your results into an Excel file, click on Save to file.  The file is Semicolon Delimited.  Open Excel and try to open the file, it will prompt for the delimiter.

If you have any questions, please contact your subject specialist or one of the reference desks (Orbach Science Library,; x2-3316 or Rivera Reference, x2-4392)

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