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You may be hearing about RSS or you may have seen the RSS or  symbols on one of the Library's many electronic resources.  If so, you may wonder what it means and what use it can be to you. First, what is RSS?  RSS (now Really Simple Syndication) is a method that organizations can use to package news and alerts in such a way that you can read all of the news that interests you together in one place.  For example, you can get sports news, library news and article alerts on your research topics all together in your RSS "news reader."


There are many reader for many different platforms, some are web-based and it is even possible to have RSS fed to your email.

RSS for Library News

Subscribe to the library news via RSS.  Just paste this URL into your RSS reader:

RSS for Alerts

Some of our database vendors are starting to offer an option to receive updates and alerts in RSS format.  If you don't use RSS, you can also receive alerts in other ways.

RSS capable databases:

RSS Capable Journals and Journal Publishers (for Tables of Contents):

RSS on Library Guide Pages

We will begin incorporating RSS news and alerts on our Subject Guide pages in order to provide our users with the latest possible information.

What is RSS?

Still don't understand what RSS is? Try watching this video for a great explaination!

What is RSS?

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