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Biology - Articles and Databases

Primary research in the sciences is typically published as articles in journals.  Locating desired articles is made extremely easy with "databases," essentially computerized indexes of articles.  By searching these scholarly databases, you are limiting your search to scholarly journal articles.  Different databases cover different areas of research.  These three are excellent choices for biology and life sciences:

BIOSIS Previews


BIOSIS Training - Introduction & search techniques in video tutorials   from Thomson Reuters, the company that produces BIOSIS.

Zoological Record


Zoological Record Training - Introduction & search techniques in video tutorials from Thomson Reuters, the company that produces Zoological Record.

Web of Science 

"Who has cited whom?"  A Citation Index that finds articles that cite a given article.  Useful for researching papers that build on each other.  Also useful for analyzing impact factors and bibliometrics.


Web of Science Training - Search techniques in video tutorials from Thomson Reuters, the company that produces Web of Science.

Click here for a list of more Biological Sciences Article Databases.

Tutorials & Searching Tips:

Thanks to Larry Sheret (Western State College of Colorado) for sharing this tutorial.

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Subject Guide: Biology


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