We collect very few standards, because there has not yet been a significant need for them. We have:

Standards are also available through interlibrary loan if necessary. Be sure to specify if you need the latest standard available. To find standards, there are many indexes available both on-line and in print form. The finest overall standards database is the Global Engineering Database but other search engines are available for Individual Standards Issuing bodies

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standards

We have the entire set of ASTM standards online and we have the 2012 standards in print in the Reference Department..

American Society for Testing and Materials.
     Annual book of ASTM standards.
     Philadelphia, Pa. : ASTM,.
       Continues: American Society for Testing and Materials Book of ASTM
       UCR   Science   Ref TA401 A653        Currently received.

The Index is shelved with the volumes, and reference librarians are willing and able to help find particular standards. ASTM standards are reviewed every five years. If the standard has a revision year of more than 5 years ago and no notation that it has been reapproved within 5 years, it is out of date.

IEEE Standards

Full-text images of IEEE standards can be found in IEEE Explorewhich we have licensed through the California Digital Library.


Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) Standards

We no longer have the latest SAE standards in our library collection, as they have stopped producing them in Paper or on a DVD.  We are trying to negotiate for access, but the price is out of our league.  In the meantime, please request the standards, and if they are not available at another library, I will purchase them and put them in our print collection. 

Military Specifications and Standards (mil specs)

Military specifications and standards should all be available free at

Other Standards Collections in the Area

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