Technical Reports

Technical reports are documents on scientific and technological topics (Usually CS or EE) which are typically issued by institutions. Technical report servers and indexes are common on the Web, and many provide full text access to technical reports. If you are looking for a particular technical report, Google the title and see what comes up.  If you are looking for technical reports from a particular institution, Google the institution and "technical reports." Subject searching for technical reports across institutions is not

University Technical Reports

Computer Science 

     Carnegie Mellon
     Edinburgh 1986- (with some missing)
          We received a donation of Edinburgh Tech reports a while back, I may have them or they will be in Scotty. 
     Indiana University CS
     MIT LCS and MAC (old)
     Stanford CS
     SUNY Buffalo
     University of California, Berkeley (EECS)
     University of Virginia CS
          Institute for Computing Science (Old)

Government Government Technical Reports (i.e. NASA, DOE) - Through Infomine

Obtaining technical reports that are not online



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