Microbiology 121

Finding information for your Organism

1. To find information on your organism and life cycles etc., try these collections of electronic books:
2. To find the classification of your organism, go to:



3. More Reference Sources:

You can find the following Books on the reference shelves behind the printers on the first floor of the Orbach Science Library (on the right side)

Books available in the Orbach Science Library Stacks area
To find more books on the subject:
    From the Library Home page
  1. go to the Scotty catalog
  2. do a Keyword search for your organism.
4. Journal Articles

On the Library home page click on Articles and Databases, Click on Most Popular link under Databases by: and search these subject specific Databases for your organism.

Database  Subjects covered
Agricola  or  CAB abstracts Agriculture
Biosis Previews  Biology / Life Sciences 
PubMed Medical Sciences
Web of Science General

6.     For information on how to cite references, .Go to Creating a Reference List - Sciences 

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