Wireless Access 

When you boot up a wireless enabled device in the library you are likely to see several open networks that you can use.


This network is available all over campus. When you connect, you are taken to a login screen where you can enter your campus NetID and password. You will need to log in every day.


This is a more secure campus network. It also has the advantage that it will automatically connect you when you are in range and not require you to log in each time. On the other hand, it does deposit some authenticating information onto your device and your device has to be willing to accept it. Definitely recommended for mobile devices such as iPhones.

Library Guest

If you are a visitor in the library, and do not have a NetID and Password, you may select this network. Also, If you are having trouble connecting to the other networks, you could try this one. It only works in the library.

Where can I get help?

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