UCR Library Policies

Building Use Policy

In order to protect library materials and facilities, and to provide users with a safe space conducive to research, learning, and quiet study, the following policies and guidelines apply in all Library areas. More...

Privacy Information and Your Library Record

The University Library limits the collection of personal information to what is relevant and necessary in order to conduct business. More...

Library Security

The library collection is protected by an electronic security system. Items that have not been checked out will cause the system's alarm to ring. A security report is taken each time the alarm sounds. Please be sure that all library materials have been properly checked out before attempting to leave the library.

A Security Guard and Library Service Monitors (LSMs) patrol the library. They are responsible for observing and monitoring the activity of the library. Your cooperation in working with them is appreciated, as they are working to maintain the safety and security of all library users.

Guard your possessions while in the library! Leaving possessions unattended, even for a moment, may invite a thief. If you are the victim of a theft or other illegal activity, or you see suspicious or illegal activity, please report it to the Circulation desk. We will assist in notifying the police and taking a report of the incident. Your help in keeping the library safe for all users is appreciated.

UCR Standards of Conduct

The UCR Libraries abide by and enforce the UC Riverside's standards of conduct outlined by Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Programs.

Borrow a Laptop

20 wireless laptops are available for use in the Rivera and Orbach Science Libraries. The laptops may be borrowed by UCR Faculty, Staff and Students from the Circulation Desks. Users must submit a completed Laptop User Contract and abide by the Laptop Policies and Guidelines.

Reservable Study Rooms

There are 7 reservable study rooms located in the Rivera and Orbach Science Libraries. These rooms are dedicated to small group use for group projects, tutoring, or supplementary instruction. These rooms are to be used by UCR faculty, staff, and students only. More...

Graduate Study Carrels

19 assignable carrels are available in the Rivera Library (2nd floor) primarily for Ph.D. students in advanced candidacy (dissertation writing stage). Lockable mobile carts (Moby Carts) to keep research materials secure are also available. More...

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