Vending Machines in the Libraries

Machines are by the entrances to the libraries.  Prices are current as of Oct. 2010.

Hot Drinks

Coffee           12 oz: .$.60,  16oz: $1
Cappucino     12 oz:  $1,     16oz: $1.50
   French Vanilla
Mocha           12oz: $1,       16oz: $1.50

Please remember to put a lid on your drink. The dispenser is mounted on the side of the machine.

Cold Drinks

Cold Drinks include Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, bottled water and Sobe Life Water for $1.50. Sugar free energy drinks are available for $1.50. Rockstar, starbucks doubleshots and AMP energy drinks are $2.25.


A tasty selection of candy bars, cookies and chips are available for $1.00 each.  Red vines, jerky, trail mix, and Milano cookies are $1.25 and a selection of mints and life savers are offered at $.65 per roll.


Our very coolest vending machine contains such useful items as Tylenol ($.60), band-aids ($.15), pens ($.50), highlighters ($.75) and USB/flash drives ($11.00, requires exact change).  Scantrons are on sale at the circulation desks.

Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see in our vending machines.
Refunds for lost money on the food and beverage vending machines are available at the carding office (Hub 209).

Looking for other vending machines on the UCR campus?

Last modified: 11/1/2010 4:06 PM