Building Use Policy

In order to protect library materials and facilities, and to provide users with a safe space conducive to research, learning, and quiet study, the following policies and guidelines apply in all Library areas.

UCR Libraries will refuse access to the building or service to any library user who acts irresponsibly by disrupting the use of the facilities by others or by being disrespectful to other library users or to a library employee. Unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to the following:

Snacks and Liquids

Light snacks and covered drinks are welcome in the UCR Libraries except in prohibited areas such as Special Collections & Archives (Rivera Library, 4th floor), and the Music Library. Such prohibited areas will be clearly marked. Please adhere to the following guidelines to help preserve the materials, furnishings, and ambience of the UCR Libraries.


Drinks must be in covered or capped bottles.


Light snacks are allowed but NOT hot meals, or messy or aromatic foods, such as tacos, pizza, soup, etc.

Leave No Trace:

Wipe up accidents, throw away or recycle your trash, chewing gum, food containers and bottles in trash containers available throughout the Libraries.

No fault Policy:

Tell a library staff member immediately if there is a spill so we can ensure that damaged equipment, materials, furniture or carpeting is properly treated and there is appropriate clean-up.

Quiet Study

Quiet study areas are available on the second floor of the Rivera and Orbach Science Library. On these floors, audible cell phone/pager ringers should be off and conversation should be limited. Group study rooms are available on the second and third floors of the Rivera and Science Libraries

Cell Phones

Cell phone/pager use is permitted, however please be respectful of others. Turn off the ringer and only use near elevators, lobbies and other noisy areas. If you are bothered by a noisy conversation, you may let the individual know. If you are not comfortable doing so, please report the problem to a service desk.

Commercial Activities/Advertising/Soliciting

Commercial activities, advertising and soliciting are prohibited within library facilities. (UCR Campus Policy Number: 700-10).


Animals are not allowed in library buildings, with the exception of police dogs and guide, signal, and service animals used by disabled persons. Users bringing non-service animals into the library will be asked to leave to protect the comfort of all our users (UCR Campus Policy Number: 850-38).

Posting of Signs

No posting of signs with tape of any kind on the arches outside of the Rivera Library or on walls inside or outside any of the Libraries. There is a bulletin board on the southwest corner of the Rivera Library where signs that have been approved by Student Life may be posted.

Thanks for being a good library citizen!

Building Use Policy

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