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Subject Specialists By Discipline

Below are your subject specialists:

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If the subject area is vacant, contact Kuei Chiu, 827-3705; kchiu@ucr.edu

DisciplinesSubject SpecialistsFaculty Liaisons
African American Studies Patricia Smith-Hunt Ralph Crowder
African Studies Patricia Smith-Hunt Ray Kea
Agriculture Vacant Inter-Departmental
Anthropology Rhonda Neugebauer Eugene Anderson
Archives Eric Milenkiewicz  
Art (Studio) Krista Ivy Amir Zaki
Art History Krista Ivy Conrad Rudolph
Asian American Studies Judy Lee Edward Chang
Asian Studies Kuei Chiu  
Astronomy Ying Shen Allen Zych
Atlases and Maps Vacant  
Basic Writing Kuei Chiu John Briggs
Biochemistry Julie Mason Helen HenryMichael Dunn
Biology Marie Bronoel
Biomedical Science  Tiffany Moxham  
Botany Vacant J. Giles Waines
Business Vacant
Cell Biology & Neuroscience Marie Bronoel  
Chemistry Julie Mason Chris Reed
Chicano/Latino Studies Rhonda L Neugebauer
Classics Carla Arbagey Tom Scanlon
Comparative Literature Vacant  
Computer Science Kat Koziar Department Head
Creative Writing Kuei Chiu Maurya Simon
Curriculum Collection Christina Cicchetti  
Dance Vacant Anthea Kraut
Earth Sciences Vacant Nigel Hughes
Eaton Collection JJ Jacobson  
Economics Vacant Tae Hwy Lee
Education Christina Cicchetti Marsha Ing
Educational Services Christina Cicchetti  
Engineering (Chemical) Michele Potter Department Head
Engineering (Electrical) Kat Koziar Department Head
Engineering (Environmental, Mechanical) Michele Potter Department Head
English Anthony Sanchez Carole-Anne Tyler
Entomology Vacant Ring Carde
Environmental Sciences Vacant Ken Baerenklau
Environmental Toxicology Julie Mason Dave Eastmond
Ethnic Studies (General) Rhonda L Neugebauer Ralph Crowder
Film Studies Anthony Sanchez Kathleen McHugh
French Vacant Michelle Bloom
Genetics Vacant  
Geography Vacant Richard Minnich
Geology (see Earth Sciences)    
German Vacant Stephanie Hammer
Global Economics Vacant  
Government Publications Ken Furuta  
Grants and Data Management Kat Koziar
Greek Carla Arbagey Tom Scanlon
Hispanic Studies Rhonda L. Neugebauer Raymond Williams
History (Western) Vacant Lucille Chia
Humanities (General) Carla Arbagey  
Iberian Studies Rhonda L Neugebauer  
Irish Literature Kuei Chiu Carole-Ann Tyler
Italian Literature Kuei Chiu Nicoletta Tinozzi-Mehrmand
Juvenile Literature Christina Cicchetti  
Latin Carla Arbagey Tom Scanlon
Latin America and Iberian Studies Rhonda L Neugebauer John Ritter
Law Kenneth Furuta  
Library and Information Science Rhonda L. Neugebauer  
Linguistics Janet Moores Jules Levin
Literature (General) Janet Moores  
Management  Vacant  
Manuscripts Eric Milenkiewicz  
Maps & Atlases Manuel Urrizola
Mass Media Anthony Sanchez  
Mathematics Ying Shen John Baez
Medicine Tiffany Moxham Larry Loo
Biomedical Engineering


Microbiology Vacant Marlene Zuk
Middle East Studies Rhonda L. Neugebauer  
Music Caitlin St. John Walter Clark
Native American Studies Vacant  
Nematology Vacant James Baldwin
Neuroscience (see Cell Biology)    
Philology Janet Moores  
Philosophy Carla Arbagey Eric Schwitzgebel
Physics and Astronomy Ying Shen Kenneth Barish
Plant Pathology Vacant A.L.N. Rao
Plant Sciences (see Botany)    
Political Science Ken Furuta John C. Laursen
Psychology Michael Yonezawa Megan L. Robbins
Public Health Tiffany Moxham
Reference (Rivera Library) Ken Furuta

Reference (Science Library) Vacant  
Religious Studies Vacant Muhamad Ali
Russian and Slavic Literature Vacant David Danow
Scandinavian Literature Vacant  
Science Fiction (see Eaton Collection)    
Sciences (General) Vacant  
Social Sciences (General) Ruben Urbizagastegui  
Sociology Rhonda L Neugebauer Alexandra Maryanski
Soil Sciences Vacant Ken Baerenklau
Southeast Asian Studies Kuei Chiu

Spanish and Portuguese Literatures and Languages

Rhonda L Neugebauer

Statistics (Pure) Ying Shen Subir Ghosh
Theater Anthony Sanchez Richard Hornby
Water Kent LaCombe
Women Studies Judy Lee Chikako Takeshita

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