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Resources for Entrepreneurs

Resources for Entrepreneurs


Starting Points

Master Small Business
A free online course in 30 lessons

Entrepreneurs Resource Center
From the Edward Lowe Foundation

Free Incorporation Guide
From MyCorporation.com. Provides a description of the differences between the various types of corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.

Kauffman Foundation
A wealth of resources.

Wall Street Journal Center for Entrepreneurers
Wall Street Journal site with a wealth of information.

Good compilation of articles and assistance resources.

American Express
A good resource for small businesses, particularly because of the selection of articles focusing on topics important to entrepreneurs.

Small Business and Entrepreneurial Resources
A large selection of resource links.

Idea Site for Business
Hosts useful ideas for creative business people.

Entrepreneurial Parent
A community and career resource for parents looking to balance work and family on their own terms.

About Entrepreneurs
A collection of simple step-by-step instructions for all kinds of entrepreneurial challenges.

More Business
A community by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Edge Online
This site contain entrepreneurial information such as Edge Magazine and other resources.

Business At Home
A good browser for people interested in working from their home.

Home Office Bill of Rights
Kind of a general 'what home offices should be allowed to do, to have' kind of list.

US Patent & Trademark Office
Useful information, explains patent process, copyright laws and trademarks. Discusses the concept of intellectual property.

Home-Based Business
Great ideas, questions and answers.

Small Business Administration
Lots of information, great resources, good step-by-step information and information on SCORE.

Home-Based Business Directory
This site contains a directory and newsletter online.

Home Office Hot Tips
Useful guide! Good checklist!

Better Business Bureau
Good information from a resource library to a BBB location service.

Small Biz Net
A source filled with sources! Only drawback, it's $20 to become a member.

How to Win a Venture Capitalist
Reads very quickly. Interesting; takes a different point of view on the whole entrepreneurial thing.

Young Entrepreneur's Organization
Worth it for their links page alone! A wealth of information!

MIT Entrepreneur's Club
Interesting articles, columns. Useful information.

The Entrepreneur's Network
Good articles, user friendly site. Lots of sources, lots of good, useful information for anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

The Red Herring
Magazine. Interesting articles; could be useful to start-ups, etc.

Interesting articles. Useful information. Organized for easy research.

Getting Your Small Business Started
Very common-sense; excellent resources.

Small Business FAQ
A frequently asked questions list regarding small business.

National Federation of Independent Business
Updated daily; good information targeted at the bsuiness owner. Good example of a business magazine.

National Small Business United
Much of the site is available to members only. NSBU keeps small business owners in touch with legislative and regulatroy issues that affect them, but this non-partisan advocacy group seeks to engage the small business community to take action.

Women's Business Resource Site
The purpose of this site is to provide a place for women to: 1) gather information that will assist commerce and, 2) share information about the victories and trials of doing business.

More Business Resource Center
This site contains a marketing and management center and an area about writing business proposals.

Hispanic Business Magazine
Information about Hispanic business.

Small Business Resource Center
The Small Business Resource Center is a compilation of useful information for entrepreneurs everywhere. Anyone who runs a small business (or wants to) will find a variety of helpful information here.



Ad Resource: Web Advertising and Online Marketing Resources

Advertising Age

Advertising Law

Advertising Law Resource Center




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