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Solar energy is radiant energy that is produced by the sun. Every day the sun radiates, or sends out, an enormous amount of energy. The sun radiates more energy in one second than people have used since the beginning of time!

Advanced Building Technologies
This searchable site explores "technologies and practices that improve the energy and resource efficiency of commercial and multi-unit residential buildings." It includes more than ninety environmentally appropriate technologies and practices. Design and construction issues, arranged by building-type, are building structure, finishes and furnishings, heating and cooling, plumbing and water heating, lighting and daylighting, load management, electricity production, ventilation and air quality, site, and motors and equipment. There are descriptions (including definition, building use and type, benefits, limitations, application, experience, and cost) of various building materials. This site is sponsored by a group of Canadian governmental and private organizations. Alliance to Save Energy : Energy Efficiency Tax Credits
Introduction to tax credits, and information about eligibility,consumer tax credit information Alternative Fuels and Alternative Vehicles Data Center
From the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). More than 3000 (research) documents and several interactive tools covering ... alternative transportation fuels, alternative fuel vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, idle reduction technologies, fuel blends, and fuel economy. Includes "an alternative fuels station locator and route mapper, current lists of available alternative fuel vehicles, online decision-making tools, and links to related Web sites." Annual Energy Review
The Annual Energy Review presents historical (1949 to present) energy statistics. United States energy consumption, production, trade, and prices are included. Data are presented as statistical tables, as spreadsheets, and as graphs. Arizona Solar Center, Your Source for Solar Energy Information
A site dedicated to educating people about various solar technologies and how they may be used. An entire section is devoted to teaching solar energy in the classroom with information for students and teachers. Other sections discuss the benefits and incentives to using solar energy and the economics of solar energy. While much of the information on this site is specific to Arizona, there is information here that can be useful to anyone. Astronomical Data Center
"The Astronomical Data Center specializes in archiving and distributing collections of data that have been published by professional astronomers. Most of these data sets are in the form of computer-readable tables of numbers, rather than images. These are often known as astronomical catalogs. Tables published in the professional journals are simply called journal tables." The ADC web site offers machine-readable versions of astronomical catalogs and published journal tables along with the shareware and freeware software tools to retrieve, browse, and manipulate the catalogs. BioPower Program
BioPower - creating electricity from biomass - is one of the most promising of the emerging renewable energy technologies. The BioPower web site, sponsored by DOE&quo;s Biomass Power Program, offers access to complete information on biomass power, ranging from the latest developments and photos of biopower projects for the media to technical reports for scientists to a general explanation of the technology. Buying a photovoltaic solar electric system: a consumer guide
An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission, Technology Market Development Office. California Air Resources Board
A Kit to Achieve Green House Emission Reductions. California in context: long-term scenarios of energy efficiency and renewable energy: PIER project report /
An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission. California Incentives for Renewable Energy
From the DSIRE database, a comprehensive list of California state, local and utility incentives, rebates, loans, grants and other sources of funding to promote renewable energy. California Solar Initiative
California Solar Initiative(CSI )coordinated with the California Energy Commission to manage a "10 YEAR ,$400 million incentive program" for producing electricity California&quo;s Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings
Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings from the California Code of Regulations (Title 24, Part 6). City of Palm Desert : Energy Management
Palm Desert residents can take advantage of thousands of dollars in cash incentives by replacing old heating ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration, and pool pumping equipment with new more efficient models. Building permits are waived for installation of photovoltaic solar systems. Climate Change : News, Opinion, and Explanation from around the BBC
BBC news and background reports on global climate change. Consumer Energy Center, California Energy Commission
The California Energy Commission presents tips and information for the consumer on energy use, energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy.

Consumer energy information is presented in these categories:
---choices at home and work (homes; office and commercial; schools; industry, agriculture, and water)
---transportation choices (conventional vehicles; alternative fuel vehicles; mass transit; rail; ride sharing; bicycles; walking; telecommuting)
---renewable energy choices
---your energy bill (understanding your bill, help with your bill, choosing your electric service provider)

Consumer Energy Information - Energy Information for Your Home
This U.S. Department of Energy site offers an index to articles about products and ways to save energy in your home. Destination: Earth
Describes NASA&quo;s earth-science related research, covering programs, missions, and spacecraft. News stories, technical reports, images, and videos illustrate the use of space technology to understand how land, water, air, and life interact to create Earth&quo;s environment. Also provides strategies, programs, products for teaching earth science, and a section for children containing facts and pictures on how NASA studies air, natural hazards, land, and water. Developing cost-effective solar resources with electricity system benefits: in support of the 2005 integrated energy policy report /
An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission. Development and characterization of improved solid state dye-sensitized nanocrystalline solar cells
An electronic resource of: Public Interest Energy Research, California Energy Commission. DOE Information Bridge
DOE Information Bridge offers full-text and bibliographic records of DOE (U.S. Department of Energy) and DOE-sponsored research and development reports produced from 1995 forward. Research and development reports are in the fields of physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy, and other topics.

Note: After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks many reports were removed from public access.

Dr. E&quo;s Energy Lab (from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network)
Dr. E&quo;s Energy Lab connects you to renewable energy information written especially for young children, elementary school pupils, or high school students. Games, coloring books, materials on saving energy and on solar energy, instructions for solar energy science projects, and a kids&quo; page for young children on electric cars are included. Dynamic Maps and GIS Data: Renewable Resource Data Center
"This site provides dynamically-generated maps of renewable energy resources that determine which energy technologies are viable solutions in the United States." Here you will find:

* Maps of Indian Lands: Created in support of the report, Energy Consumption and Renewable Energy Development Potential on Indian Lands by the Energy Information Administration, U.S. Department of Energy.
* Solar Maps: Maps of solar radiation resources available for several photovoltaic collector orientations in the U.S.
* Transportation Technologies: The first GIS map project in transportation is the Clean Cities Coalition Map.
* Wind Maps: Maps of gridded wind resource potential are based on wind power density.

E-PRINT Network, U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Energy&quo;s searchable, browsable database of full-text eprints. Eprints are "scientific or technical documents circulated electronically to facilitate peer exchange and scientific advancement" including pre-publication drafts of journal articles (preprints), scholarly papers, technical communications, or similar documents.
E-PRINT network "is a gateway to over 25,000 Web sites and databases worldwide, containing e-prints in basic and applied sciences, primarily in physics but also including subject areas such as chemistry, biology and life sciences, materials science, nuclear sciences and engineering, energy research, computer and information technologies, and other disciplines of interest to DOE." Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools
Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools is a guide designed to "help school personnel, parents, community members and others identify early indicators of troubling and potentially dangerous student behavior. ... [It] offers research-based practices designed to assist school communities identify these warning signs early and develop prevention, intervention and crisis response plans." Electrotechnology applications for potable water production and protection of the environment
An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission. Eligibility criteria and conditions for incentives for solar energy systems: Senate Bill 1 /
An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission. Energy and Environment Research Center
"The EERC is recognized internationally as an expert in scientifically advanced energy systems and the prevention and cleanup of air, water, and soil pollution.

Established as a federal research and development facility in 1951, the EERC has been a part of the University of North Dakota (UND) since 1983. With a staff of more than 180 talented scientists, engineers, and support personnel, the EERC is one of the leading developers of energy and environmental technologies in the world."

The site contains current news in the areas of energy and the environment, a list of all publications from the Center since 1980, and links to other related research centers.

Energy and Natural Resources : Congressional Budget Office
Full-texts of selected Congressional Budget Office publications on the budgetary and economic aspects of U.S. energy and natural resources programs, policies, and legislation.
Coverage: 1977 to present Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
A comprehensive resource from the U.S. Department of Energy. Articles and data about what is new in the energy fields of building technologies, energy management, solar energy technologies as well as wind, hydropower, geothermal, hydrogen, fuel cells and infrastructure technologies. Energy Resources: Nuclear power
Site describes the nature of power, advantages and disadvantages of each type of power, how it works and discusses if it is renewable. Energy Savers : A Consumer&quo;s Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
The U.S. Department of Energy&quo;s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network presents extensive information for the consumer on energy use, energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy sources. Energy Tutorial
From the National Fuel Cell Research Center (NFCRC), University of California, Irvine. A browsable overview of energy sources, featuring photographs, statistics, and quizzes. Topics include fossil fuels, oil shale, nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and wastes, hydroelectric, fuel cell, combustion, gasification, reciprocating engine, and turbines. Also explores environmental impacts and trends. EnergyFiles : Energy Science and Technology Virtual Library
"At this site you will find over 500 databases and Web sites containing information and resources pertaining to science and technology of interest to the Department of Energy, with an emphasis on the physical sciences."
Includes Subject Pathways. By subject category: federated search of databases and web sites for the subject; links to resources and web sites for the subject; and, links to related resources (funding, organizations, conferences, reference materials). ETDEWEB: ETDE World Energy Base
"ETDEWEB includes information on the environmental impact of energy production and use, including climate change; energy R&D; energy policy; nuclear, coal, hydrocarbon and renewable energy technologies and much, much more.

Explore the growing collection (early 1995 forward) of over 847,700 bibliographic records with more than 4.2 million downloadable full text pages now available at your fingertips...When you use ETDEWEB, you can search either just documents with full text or the collection of full text and bibliographic data."

Advance registration is required. See the web site for registration form and for who may register.

Government actions and innovation in clean energy technologies: the cases of photovoltaic cells, solar thermal electric power, and solar water heating: PIER project report /
An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission. Guidelines for California&quo;s solar electric incentive programs pursuant to Senate Bill 1: Committee final guidelines
An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission. HEASARC : High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center
"The HEASARC is a multi-mission astronomy archive for the EUV, X-ray, and Gamma ray wave bands. Because EUV, X and Gamma rays cannot reach the Earth&quo;s surface it is necessary to place the telescopes and sensors on spacecraft. The HEASARC currently contains data and/or catalogs from 21 EUV, X-ray and Gamma ray missions."

The Archive&quo;s extensive offerings include:
---Information about and data from individual missions (description, image of satellite, instrumentation, scientific purposes of mission, references, data, images)
---Searchable data catalogs and bibliographic databases
---Astronomical tools (such as date converters, time converters, spectral simulators, sky viewers, calibration database, etc.)
---Argus, database of proposal information (tracking observation from proposal to data archive)
---Public Outreach and Education sites

HEASARC Education and Public Outreach Activities
The High Energy Astrophysics Archive Research Center presents information on the universe for students and the general public. Among the included offerings are:
--- Imagine the Universe, a web site "dedicated to a discussion about our Universe... what we know about it, how it is evolving, and the kinds of objects and phenomena it contains."
--- StarChild, with information and activities about the solar system and the the universe, is for ages 4-14
--- Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer Learning Center discusses the fundamentals of X-ray astronomy for a high school and above audience
--- WebStars is a list of astronomical resource web sites of use to the general public
--- Objects in the Universe "pages display and discuss the many objects we see in our universe. The emphasis is on high energy astrophysics data."
--- Images and information from past and current high-energy astrophysics missions
--- HEASARC Video Archive
--- APOD: Astronomy Picture of the Day offers a daily image along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer
--- Ask-a-Scientist High-volume manufacturing for low-cost, flexible solar cell: independent assessment and final EISG report /
An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission. Intermittency analysis project: PIER final project report /: Appendix A,: Intermittency impacts of wind and solar resources on transmission reliability
An electronic resource of: Public Interest Energy Research, California Energy Commission. International Energy Annual
The International Energy Annual presents statistical data (as tables and in spreadsheet format) on world energy production and consumption for petroleum, natural gas, coal, and electricity. International Energy Outlook
"This report presents international energy projections through 2025, prepared by the Energy Information Administration, including outlooks for major energy fuels and issues related to electricity and the environment." Energy sources include nuclear power, natural gas, and coal. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is the statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Energy. Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics
"In the Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics (LHEA), a broad program of experimental and theoretical research is conducted in all phases of astrophysics associated with high energy particles and the quanta produced in the interactions with their environments."
The LHEA web site offers:
---information about the Laboratory (mission, strategic plan, directories, organizational chart, etc.)
---individual web sites for Laboratory research programs
---descriptions of current Laboratory research
---lists of recent Laboratory publications
---announcements of workshops, symposia, seminars, and colloquia
---learning centers web sites with information on astrophysics and astrophysics research for the general public, students, and researchers NASA Earth Observatory : Reference
Overview articles on the atmosphere, oceans, land, life on Earth, energy, and remote sensing, as well as biographies of geoscience pioneers. NASA Space Science Education Resource Directory
"The Space Science Resource Directory is a convenient way to find NASA space science products for use in classrooms, science museums, planetariums, and other settings."
Search for web sites and publications by keyword, subject category, grade level, and/or format.
--Subject categories are: space science, physical science, earth science
--Grade levels are: elementary, middle school, high school, inidividual grades K through 12, adult/continuing education, general public, higher education
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The site features updates and publications about research and development programs in areas such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and hydrogen and fuel cells. Also includes materials about applying technologies in building, transportation, and infrastructure. NREL is "the nation&quo;s primary laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency R&D." National Renewable Energy Laboratory Publications Database
"NREL Publications is a bibliographic database containing references to documents and projects written or edited by staff and subcontractors of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Subjects covered include all renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Included in the database are NREL technical reports, fact sheets, brochures, videos, journal articles, conference papers, books, patents, and exhibits. The database covers documents published from 1977 to present.

The full text of the documents is available on the web for selected recent publications only. Look for an html or pdf icon in the record to link to the full text. If the text is not yet on the web, you may order a paper copy of most documents."

Subjects include: Alternative Fuels; Basic Sciences; Buildings; Chemical Technologies; Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (general topics; Energy Policy and Analysis; Geothermal Energy; Hybrid Electric Vehicles; Hydrogen; Industry; Materials Science and Semiconductors; National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Photoconversion; Quality Management; Solar Energy - General; Solar Energy - Photovoltaics; Solar Energy - Radiation; Solar Energy - Thermal; Superconductivity; Transportation; Utilities; Waste Recycling and Management; Wind Energy.

National Solar Radiation Data Base
The National Solar Radiation Data Base (NSRDB) contains 30 years (1961-1990) of solar radiation and supplementary meteorological data from 237 NWS sites in the U.S., plus sites in Guam and Puerto Rico. The following data products are available: * Daily Statistics Files (NOTE: These files are MONTHLY averages of daily totals)* Hourly Data Files * Solar Radiation Data Manual for Buildings * Solar Radiation Data Manual for Flat-Plate and Concentrating Collectors * TMY2 Files

Also included is the National Solar Radiation Data Base User&quo;s Manual.

New Solar Homes Partnership: final guidebook
An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission. The Nuclear Tourist: Why Nuclear Power?
Every form of energy generation has advantages and disadvatages. This site compares them all. Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)
The Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) is responsible for disseminating scientific and technical information from Department of Energy (DOE) research. OSTI is organized under the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (OASCR) in the DOE Office of Science. OSTI offers many information-products relating to energy, science, and technology.

This home-page is a web-portal to information produced by (or about) OSTI.

Potential applications of concentrated solar energy: proceedings of a workshop: held at the Solar Energy Research Institute, 1617 Cole Boulevard, Golden, Colorado, November 7 and 8, 1990 /
An electronic resource of: National Academy Press. Potential applications of concentrated solar photons: a report prepared by the Committee on Potential Applications of Concentrated Solar Photons, Energy Engineering Board, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, National Research Council
An electronic resource of: National Academy Press. PowerTherm: a photovoltaic-thermal hybrid commercial roofing system
An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission. Process Energy, California Energy Commission
Industry, Agriculture and Water/Wastewater treatment consume approximately one-third of the electricity used in California. This California Energy Commission web site is a clearinghouse of energy efficiency information for managers of California&quo;s agricultural enterprises, industrial enterprises, and water/wastewater treatment plants. There are descriptions of research projects and publications (some full-text publications), information on "financing energy efficient productivity improvement and pollution prevention technologies projects", case studies, manuals and handbooks, and technical information. PV Power Resource Site : Photovoltaics : Sustainable Power for the World
"This is a site for the coordination and dissemination of information of global photovoltaic (PV)technologies, applications, history, and resources. Photovoltaics is a semiconductor technology that silently converts light energy into direct-current (dc) electricity, with no moving parts, burning no fuel, and creating no pollution."

Sections Include: What&quo;s New In PV (Industry, Applications, Research, and People) PV History (A timeline from 1839-Present) PV Technology (Review of PV Technologies) PV Industry (Organizations) PV Applications Jobs in the PV Industry PV Conferences (Conference and Event Calendar) PV Resources(Site Links, Bibliography, glossary, Standards, Conversion Factors, Safety) Frequently Asked Questions about PV

"This site (http://www.pvpower.com) was developed, and is maintained, by Mark Fitzgerald, Science Communications, Inc.,with the assistance of the PV industry, government information resources, and users of the technology."

Renewable and Alternative Fuels : U.S. Energy Information Administration
Access featured articles, publications, data and applications relevant to alternative and renewable energy, including "information on the history, status, and prospects of renewable energy in the United States." Hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy. Renewable Resource Data Center
This U.S. Dept. of Energy-sponsored resource contains data relating to natural energy sources such as solar radiation, biomass, geothermal, and wind power. There&quo;s an illustrated glossary of alternative energy-related terms, and links to projects and information for students and teachers. Consumers preparing to install solar panels can estimate their savings by using the "PVWatts" link, which calculates the electricity produced by any photovoltaic solar system. The Solar Cooking Archive
Energy bills too high? Microwave broke down? Check out the Solar Cooking Archive for information on solar cooking and construction plans so you can build your own solar cooker. Solar Energy : Library of Congress Science Tracer Bullet
Library of Congress research guide helps you locate information on solar energy, particularly solar heating and cooling, solar thermal energy, and photovoltaic power generation. Includes brief introduction, lists of resources, and strategies for finding additional resources. (Published 2006).
Also see: Solar Energy Update (2011) Solar energy: as the cost of this resource becomes more competitive with other renewable resources, applications to construct new solar power plants should increase
An electronic resource of: California State Auditor, Bureau of State Audits. Solar Radiation Resource Information
A rich resource on solar energy/radiation in the United States.

Included, among others, are the following data files, U.S. Solar Radiation Maps and publications:

* Data -- The HBCU Solar Radiation Monitoring Network, 1985-1996 -- The National Solar Radiation Data Base -- NOAA&quo;s Network (1977 - 1980): 39 Sites -- The Solar Energy Meteorological Research and Training Sites Network -- The WEST Associates&quo; Network (1976 - 1980)
-- NREL&quo;s Circumsolar Data Base -- NREL&quo;s Spectral Solar Radiation Data Base

* U.S. Solar Radiation Resource Maps -- Atlas for The Solar Radiation Data Manual For Buildings -- Atlas for The Solar Radiation Data Manual For Flat-Plate and Concentrating Collectors

* Publications -- Circumsolar Radiation Data Manual -- National Solar Radiation Data Base User&quo;s Manual (1961-1990) -- NOAA Network Information Manual -- Shining On Manual (primer on solar enrgy) -- The Solar Radiation Data Manual for Buildings -- The Solar Radiation Data Manual For Flat-Plate and Concentrating Collectors -- Spectral Solar Radiation Data Base Documentation, Vol. I -- The Standard Broadband Format Manual -- TMY2 User&quo;s Manual -- WEST Associates On-line Data Manual -- Glossary of Solar Radiation Resource Terms.

Supplemental information in response to CEC data adequacy requests: application for certification (07-AFC-8), Carrizo Energy Solar Farm, Carrizo Energy, LLC /
An electronic resource of: URS. Teach the Earth
Resource library for undergraduate geosciences instruction; course design, materials, assessment, Earth system approaches, professional development, and effective use and creation of web resources. U. S. Department of Energy: Solar Powering You Community, a Guide for Local Governemnts
A guide for local governments encouraging solar energy and green building U.S. Department of Energy : Energy.gov
The United States Department of Energy web site:
---presents information about the Department of Energy (DOE)
---connects to web sites of DOE laboratories and offices
---connects to DOE research publications, databases, and statistics about power resources and energy U.S. Department of Energy Photovoltaics Program
"This is your news and information resource for the Department of Energy&quo;s Photovoltaics Program. Here, you&quo;ll find the latest program news stories,information about PV and its effect on the environment, an extensive collection of publications and press releases prepared under the program, a calendar of upcoming events, hundreds of resources for PV-related information and products, and a large collection of links to other PV-related web sites."

WorldWideScience.org : the Global Science Gateway
Global science gateway allowing one-stop searching of national and international science databases and portals.
Databases and portals are maintained by national government agencies and national libraries.
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