Curriculum Materials

Curriculum Materials

** Please Note: **  Materials listed below are not cataloged in SCOTTY, but are still available to be checked out.  Please check SCOTTY  to find additional Curriculum Materials Collection items as well 

  • Puppets

    Hand Puppets

     Ant  Caterpillar  Goat  Leopard  Saber-Toothed Cat  Stingray
     Armadillo  Caterpillar/Butterfly  Goldfish  Lion (3)  Scallop (2)  Tarantula
     Bat  Cheetah  Grasshopper  Minnie Bird  Scarab Beetle  White Mouse
     Bear (small)  Cricket  Hamster  Octopus  Sea Turtle  Wooly Mammoth
     Bee  Duck (2)  Harp Seal Pup  Parrot (3)  Sheep  Yellow Jacket
     Bison  Dungeness Crab  Iguana  Pig  Small Dog (2)
     Boa Constrictor  Eagle  Jay-hawk  Rabbit (2)  Spider (2)
     Bunny  Emperor Penguin  Jellyfish  Raccoon  Squirrel (hand puppet)
     Butterfly  Frog (3)  Knight  Red-Tailed Hawk  Squirrel (finger puppet)
     Camel  Gibbon  Lemur  Rhinocerous  Stag Beetle
    Finger Puppet Sets
    • Family (Mother/Father/Brother/Sister)
    • The 3 Little Pigs and Wolf
    Sock Puppets
    • Yellow Person
    • Brown Horse

  • Ability/Skills Assessments Collection

  • Resources, Kits and Manipulatives

     Foreign Languages  Reading
     Health  Science
     Language Arts  Social Studies
     Math  Visual & Performing Arts

  • Study Prints and Posters

     Animals  Math
     Art  Music
     Bilingual  Science
     Health  Social Studies
     Language Arts  Oversize

  • Media Collection

     Art  Language Arts
     Foreign  Science
     Health  Social Studies

  • Textbook Ancillary Instructional Material

     ESL  Math
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