Elections and Campaign Finance

Elections and Campaign Finance

United States Federal Government


Voting and Registration Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Census Bureau statistical tables and reports on voting (levels of voting and registration, the characteristics of citizens who reported either registering or voting in the election, voting age population, etc.) in biennial November elections in the United States.
Coverage: Reports and data from 1964 to present.

U.S. Federal Election Commission
The Federal Election Commission offers information about federal elections: elections administration; voter registration and turnout; elections results; and presidential and congressional campaign financing.

The Campaign Finance Reports and Data section of the FEC website has financial disclosure reports from House, Senate, and Presidential campaigns from 1993 to present and summaries of campaign receipts and disbursements.

The Elections and Voting section has information on voter registration and turnout, 2000 presidential election results, 1996/1998/2000 Congressional election results, and administration of U.S. elections.

The Campaign Finance Law Resources section has:
---campaign finance guides for Congressional candidates, campaign committees, political party committees, corporations, labor organizations, and nonconnected committees
---legal documents (FEC regulations, legislative recommendations, advisory opinions)
--- The Record (the FEC newsletter), FEC annual reports, brochures)
---a summary of state campaign finance laws

In addition, the FEC website has:
---registration and reporting forms and filing information
---information about the FEC and FEC services
---FEC news releases

Electoral College
From the National Archives and Records Administration, information on the Electoral College. Included are:
---2000, 2004, and 2008 presidential election popular vote totals and electoral votes by state. Electors names are listed.
---Box scores for electoral college votes from 1789 to 2004
---List of states, numbers of votes assigned in Electoral College, electoral college votes cast by state : 1788 to 2008
---Provisions of the United States Constitution and the United States Code relating to presidential elections
---FAQs on Electoral College, links to educational materials

Election Statistics, U.S. Congress
The Clerk of the U.S. House Representatives posts, for elections from 1920 to most recent available, the official vote counts for presidential electors, U.S. senators, and U.S. representatives.

News and info about United States national, state and local politics.
---Current political news, opinion poll reports, links to political blogs
---Presidency 2012 (thumbnail sketches of likely candidates plus links to likely candidates' home pages, campaign pages, etc.)
---Political parties (connections to web pages of major and minor national parties)
---State/Federal candidates (for each state there are links to: home pages and campaign pages of incumbents and candidates of statewide elective offices and of Congress; state political parties; state election offices; state and local news sources)

Federal Elections Commission : Elections Results
The Elections and Voting section of the FEC website has statistical data and information on federal (presidential and Congressional) elections and on voter turnout. Included are:
---2002 and 2000 Election election cycle information
(primary dates, primary election results, general election results)
---1996, 1998, 2000 Congressional and Presidential primary and general elections information
(total votes cast; votes cast by party; official results)
---Voter registration and turnout statistics
(U.S. and state totals for 1960 to 2000; U.S. by age, race, ethnicity, and gender for 1972 to 1998)
---Federal election system constitutional and statutory provisions
---Reports on the impact of the National Voter Registration Act on federal elections
---Brief information about the Electoral College
---Information on state administration of federal elections
(Administrative structure of state election offices; voting systems)
---Voter registration and voting procedure FAQs
(National voter registration forms, state voter registraton requirements and deadlines)


FECInfo is a non-partisan web page which provides access to up-to-date FEC data about contributions to federal election campaigns. Data include:
---Summary of campaign finances for congressional and presidential campaigns
---Listings of contributions to specific campaigns as reported to the FEC. Listings are names of individuals and PACs along with amounts contributed. You may also get lists of contributors by zip code.
---Lists of contributions made by individual Political Action Committees
---Lists of PACs by total contributions
---Lists of contributions by individual contributors
---Lists of contributions by zip code
Data for congressional campaigns go back to 1980 election. Data for presidential campaigns go back to 1992 election.

Center for Responsive Politics : : The Online Source for Money in Politics Data
The Center for Responsive Politics offers reports and databases on campaign funds and campaign contributions for federal elections.

Searchable databases list campaign contributions by political action committees, by lobbyists, and by individual donors (for donations over $200). Data on campaign funds and expenditures for individual Congressmen and Senators are also presented.

Reports and information on soft dollar donations, campaign finance reform, and effect of money on Congressional elections and on politics, contributions and more are offered along with Center press releases and the issues of Capital Eye, the Center newsletter.

The news section presents information about campaign contributions related to special issues (guns and gun control, managed care, tobacco, banking deregulation, etc.).

Soft Money Laundromat, Common Cause
Common Cause's "Soft Money Laundromat is a searchable database of special interest soft money contributions to the Democratic and Republican national party committees." Search the soft money database by donor name, by location of donor, and by industry.

The Soft Money Laundromat web site also offers reports on soft money: top donors, "who gives it, who gets it and what it all means for our democracy."

Federal Election Commission : Campaign Finance Reports and Data
The Campaign Finance Reports and Data section of the FEC website has:
--- financial disclosure reports filed by House, Senate and Presidential campaigns, political parties and PACs from 1993 to the present
---tables and graphs showing summaries of receipts and disbursements of most recent presidential and congressional campaigns (not all campaigns are listed), fund-raising by political parties, and PAC contributions to campaigns
--- contributions to campaigns for recent Congressional campaigns
--- searchable Campaign Finance Disclosure Database for 1999 to present
Search for contributions made by individuals or by committees. Search for contributions received by specific campaigns. Find summary information by candidate or committee.
---PACRONYMS, an alphabetical list of acronyms, abbreviations, initials, and common names of federal political action committees
---a graph showing number of PACs each year from 1977 to present

California State Government

California Voter Foundation
The California Voter Foundation (CVF) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to shaping a more informed and engaged electorate by emphasizing the use of new technologies. CVF website sections are:

Voter Resources with
---Online voter guides for for California elections (beginning with the Fall 1994 election)
---Maps of California's legislative districts (Congress, State Assembly, State Senate) and counties
---Information about voting and voter registration, a directory of California county elections offices
---Lists of California state elected officials
---Links to websites of California political parties, California interest groups, California news media, public policy research organizations
---Connections to polling data and polling organizations

Issues and Publications with reports, studies, articles, and links to agencies and organizations concerned with:
---Campaign Disclosure
---Voter Education
---Voter Privacy
---Voting Technology

News articles about California elections, voter registration, voting technology, ballot measures, and related issues.

Cal-Access : Lobbying Activity
Who are California's lobbyists? Who is paying them?
The California Secretary of State presents searchable directories of California state registered:
---lobbyists (name, address, who employs them)
---lobbying firms (name of firm, lobbyists it employees, clients and the payments made by clients, bills and agencies lobbied)
---lobbyist employers (name, lobbyists and lobbying firms employed, payments made to lobbying firms, filings)

Initiative Measures : California Office of the Attorney General
The California Office of the Attorney General provides titles and a summaries for proposed California statewide initiative measures prior to the circulation of qualification petitions. This web site makes available:
---the full text of Active Measures submitted for preparation of a circulating title and summary
---a list of withdrawn or failed proposals
---report of status of measures being circulated
---brief summary of process for qualifying statewide initiatives

California Ballot Propositions (1911-present)
"The California Ballot Propositions Database is a comprehensive, searchable source of information on California ballot propositions from 1911 to the present. The database contains the full text of the propositions, accompanying material contained in the voters' pamphlets, related legal and legislative history, and digital images of the ballot pamphlets."
Links to fulltext images of ballot pamphlets from 1911 on are posted.

Cal-Access : Campaign Funds
Who makes political campaign contributions? Who gets the money? How do they spend it?
The California Secretary of State presents searchable directories of campaign contributions, contributors, and expenditures for California:
---Statewide and state legislature candidates and elected officials
---Propositions and ballot measures
---Committees and political parties
Data are for contributions made from 2000 to present.

Elections and Voter Information, California Secretary of State
The California Secretary of State's Elections Division presents:
---voter registration forms
---information about registering to vote, voting, absentee voting, voting systems, etc., in California
---official California statewide election results for elections from March 1996 to present
---voter registration statistics (1996 to present)
---ballot pamphlets (1996 to present)
---certified lists of candidates (1996 to present)

Politics1 : California
Politics1 California connects to web sites of:
---candidates for California statewide offices and United States Congress
---California political parties
---California state election office
---California news sources

California Ballot Pamphlets (1911- )
California state ballot pamphlets for general, primary, and supplemental elections from 1911 to 2004 primary election are presented in PDF format by UC Hastings Law Library.

California Ballot Initiatives (1911-present)
"The California Ballot Initiatives Database is a comprehensive, searchable source of information on California ballot initiatives from 1911 to the present. The database contains the full text of the initiatives, accompanying material relating to their filing and qualification, related legal and legislative history, and digital images of pertinent documents."

Other State Governments

Campaign Finance Information Center
Choose a state and find out about campaign finance reporting in the state:
---what agency collects campaign finance reports, for which races
---state campaign finance guidelines (contribution limits, forms)
---web sources of campaign finance data for the state
Note that access to the Campaign Finance Information Center's own campaign finance database is restricted to Investigative Reporters and Editors members.

Politics1 : the 50 State Pages : State and Congressional Candidates, State Parties, Local News and More
Politics1 connects to web sites of:
---candidates for statewide offices and United States Congress
---state political parties
---official state election office
---state news sources

NASED Roster : State Election Directors
Connect to the websites of the elections agencies for each of the states and territories of the United States.
Addresses, websites, and chief elections officers are listed.

Foreign Governments

Electoral Calendar : Wikipedia
The electoral calendar lists national elections dates in the countries of the world by month and year. : Elections Around the World
Elections Around the World provides election results as well as information on the political structure and political parties for more than 170 countries and political entities.

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