Investigation into the Office of Legal Counsel's Memoranda Concerning Issues Relating to the Central Intelligence Agency's Use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques on Suspected Terrorists
July 2009 U.S. Department of Justice report.
Portions of report are blacked out (remain secret).

The Question of Torture : NPR
Listen to NPR broadcast news stories on the question of torture and connect to related information.
"The line between interrogation and torture can be a fine one. How is torture defined, and is there ever a case to be made for it, say when national security is at stake? In a series of discussions, [NPR] examines how the U.S. government interrogates its prisoners, and the question of torture."

Senate Armed Services Committee Inquiry into the Treatment of Detainees in U.S. Custody
Declassified report on U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee investigation.

Torture : Congressional Research Service Reports
The University of North Texas Libraries presents full-texts of Congressional Research Service Reports (those reports that are publicly available online) on torture.
The Congressional Research Service (of the Library of Congress) writes analyses of public policy issues, especially of legislative proposals, for use by Congressmen. CRS does not provide its reports directly to the public.

Torture FOIA
"The ACLU filed a request on Oct. 7, 2003, under the Freedom of Information Act demanding the release of information about detainees held overseas by the United States." Those records released in response to the FOIA request and lawsuit are posted on this website, along with legal documents related to the continuing lawsuit.
Includes four (formerly) secret U.S. Department of Justice rmemos used by the Bush administration to justify torture.

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