Name of License: CHOICE

Name of License: CHOICE
Permission Notes
ILL Electronic (email) Prohibited (explicit)
ILL Print or Fax Prohibited (explicit)
ILL Secure Electronic Prohibited (explicit)
Electronic Link Prohibited (explicit)
Course Pack Print Prohibited (explicit)
Course Pack Electronic Prohibited (explicit)
Course Reserves Print Prohibited (explicit)
Course Reserves Electronic Prohibited (explicit)
Concurrent Users Not applicable
Authorized Users "Authorized Users" means full- and part-time students and employees (including faculty, staff, affiliated researchers and independent contractors) of Licensee and the institution of which it is a part, regardless of the physical location of such persons, and who are ordinarily permitted to access the Licensee's institution's network from within the Library remises or from such other places where "Authorized Users" work or study and who have issued by the Licensee or the Licensees institution a password or other authentication. Individual employed by an administratively distinct and geographically non=contiguous campus or site, or who are affiliated with any organization not administratively part of the Licensee's institution, e.g. any commercial organization, non-profit organization, or governmental unit administratively distinct from the Licensee, may not be treated as Authorized Users under this License, save that "Authorized Users" shall also include patrons not affiliated with Licensee who are physically present at Licensee's site(s) ("walk-ins"). Authorized Users shall be identified and authenticated by the use of Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses provided to ALA by Licensee. Licensee shall be responsible for verifying the status of all Authorized Users and shall cooperate with ALA in the implementation of additional security procedures as they are developed.

By using any of the Library's subscribed electronic resources, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use.

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