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Earliest Books in Citrus Research from the CES Library

Earliest Books in Citrus Research from the CES Library

These well-used books from the very early days of the Riverside station are evidence of how old and how international the science of citriculture is. Research from China, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, and France from the 12th through the 18th century is represented here.
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Han Yen-Chih's Chu lu, 1178 A.D>
Han, Yanzhi. Han Yen-Chih's Chü lu (Monograph on the oranges of Wen-Chou, Chekiang). Translated by Michael J. Hagerty. Leiden: Brill, 1923. Date of original: 1178 A.D. [SB369.H3513 1923]

Ferrari: Hesperides, sive de malorum aureorum, 1646

Ferrari, Giovanni Battista. Hesperides, sive, De malorum aureorum cultura et usu libri quatuor. Romae: sumptibus Hermanni Scheus, 1646.[SB369.F37]

Nati: Florentina phytologica, 1674

Nati, Pietro. Petri Nati doctoris medici Florentini in Pisana Academia simplicium medicamentorum professoris ordinarii, ... Florentina phytologica observatio de malo limonia citrata-aurantia Florentiae vulgo la bizzarria. Florentiæ [Florence]: Typis Hippolytide Nave, 1674. [SB370.B5 N27]

Steerbeck: Citricultura, 1682

Sterbeeck, Franciscus van. Citricultura, oft, Regeringhe der uythemsche boomen te weten oranien, citroenen, limoenen, granaten, laurieren en andere. Antwerpen: J. Jacops, 1682.[SB369.S74 1682]

Commelin: The Belgick, or Netherlandish hesperides, 1683

Commelin, Johannes. The Belgick, or Netherlandish Hesperides. That is, the management, ordering, and use of the limon and orange trees, fitted to the nature and climate of the Netherlands. Made English by G.V.N. London: Printed for J. Holford, and are to be sold by Langly Curtis, 1683.[SB369.C613 1683]

Volkamer: Nurnbergische Hesperides, 1708

Volkamer, Johann Christoph. Nürnbergische Hesperides, oder, Gründliche Beschreibung der edlen Citronat- Citronen- und Pomeranzenfrüchte: wie solche in selbiger and benachbarten Gegend, recht mögen eingesetzt, gewartet, erhalten und fortgebracht werden: samt einer ausführlichen Erzehlung der meisten Sorten, welche theils zu Nürnberg wirklich gewachsen, theils von verschiedenen fremden Orten dahin gebracht worden ...Herausgegeben von J.C. V. Nürnberg: Zu finden bey Johann Andreae Endters seel. Sohn und Erben, 1708.[SB369.V9]
Le Berryais: Traite de lorangerie, 1788 Le Berryais, René. Traité de l'orangerie, des serres-chaudes et chassis. Caen: Manoury, 1788. [SB369.L4]

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