Citrus Research of the Nineteenth Century from the CES Library

Citrus Research of the Nineteenth Century from the CES Library


In the nineteenth century, citrus trees change from a curiosity to a viable -- and lucrative -- crop, and the guides to growing them change accordingly. From about 1870 onward we see a proliferation of books on growing citrus in California, which appear in edtion after edition, as new information becomes available each year. Here are just a few nineteenth-century examples from the library of the Citrus Experiment Station.
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Gallesio: Traite du citrus, 1811

Gallesio, Georges. Traité du citrus. Paris: Chez Louis Fantin, Libraire, 1811. [First edition] [SB369.G16]

Goeze: Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Orangengewachse, 1874

Goeze, Edmund. Ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss der Orangengewächse. Hamburg: Robert Kittler, 1874. [SB369.G64]

Garey: Orange culture in California, 1882
Garey, Thomas A. Orange culture in California. San Francisco: Publ. for A. T. Garey, 1882. [SB370.O7 G23]

Spalding: The orange: its cultur in California, 1885
Spalding, William A. The orange: its culture in California: with a brief discussion of the lemon, lime, and other citrus fruits. Riverside: Press and Horticulturist Steam print, 1885. [SB370.O7 S68 1885]

Moore: Treatise and hand-book of orange culture ..., 1886
Moore, T.W. Treatise and hand-book of orange culture in Florida, Louisiana and California. New York: E.R. Pelton; Jacksonville: Horace Drew, 1886. [SB370.O7 M6 1886]

Lelong: Treatise on citrus culture in California, 1888
Lelong, B.M. A treatise on citrus culture in California. With a description of the best varieties grown in the state, and varieties grown in other states and foreign countries, gathering, packing, curing, pruning, budding, diseases, etc. Sacramento: State Office, 1888. [SB369.C235 1888]

Giner Alino: Tratado completo del naranjo, 1892
Giner Aliño, Bernardo. Tratado completo del naranjo. Con un apéndice sobre el limonero, cidro, bergamoto y limetero. Valencia: Librería de Pascual Aguilar, 1892.
[SB369.O7 G46 1892]

Lelong: Culture of the citrus in California, 1900
Culture of the citrus in California. Research by B.M. Lelong. Sacramento: A.J. Johnston, 1900.[SB369.C23 1900]

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